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Today’s Craig Melvin call out Carson Daly and Al Roker for ganging up on him ‘every day’ with same cruel complaint

Today’s Craig Melvin call out Carson Daly and Al Roker for ganging up on him ‘every day’ with same cruel complaint

TODAY show host Craig Melvin has called out co-hosts for ganging up on him with the same complaint “every day.”

The moment occurred during a segment in which Savannah Guthrie, 51, learned auctioneering from “legendary charity auctioneer” Lydia Fenet.

NBCToday show host Craig Melvin called out his co-hosts for ganging up on him with the same complaint ‘every day’[/caption]

NBCCarson Daly jokingly called Craig a ‘cheapskate’ as they discussed Savannah’s auctioneer segment[/caption]

Posted on The Today Show Twitter account, Craig Melvin, 43, Al Roker, 68, Sheinelle Jones, 44, Carson Daly, 49, and Savanah sat together to witness the broadcast journalist attempt to be a “master of the gavel.”

After the entertaining segment, the hosts discussed the tricks of the trade with Al offering some inside knowledge.

He stated: “One of the tricks also is, if you get people really bidding… a lot of the times they both get it. They’ll split it.”

Carson then interjected: “I would see Craig Melvin, and I’d say ‘C’mon Craig stop being such a cheapskate.’”

Al quickly fired back: “I know! We say that to Craig every day.”

Craig played along with the playful jab, repeating: “Every day. That’s right,” as he laughed with the other hosts.

The fan-favorite weatherman couldn’t miss an opportunity to poke a little more fun as he joked: “T-Rex arms,” teasing about the morning show anchor’s reluctance to raise a paddle during an auction.

Al called out Craig yet again in another awkward moment live on air.

Craig was talking basketball with Savannah during Friday’s show and was very enthusiastic about the Sweet Sixteen tournament.

“It’s been fantastic to watch,” he said of March Madness.

“I feel you were really planted on that couch last night like you have an encyclopedic knowledge of every single game!” Savannah told him.

Craig replied: “Well, my dad was in town last weekend so we got to watch all the games last weekend, so I am all in, all in!”

Savannah then turned to Al in the studio and said: opened the weather segment and said to Al: “How about it Mr. Roker, basketball watching weather?”

The 68-year-old meteorologist replied: “Yes, because people are gonna be staying inside.”

He then added sarcastically to Craig: “You’ve got to get a little bit more pumped up about this now…”

Craig laughed and said: “I do, you’re right”.

Al continued: “Your enthusiasm level is a little low…” as Craig agreed and said: “Yeah, a little too low.”


Also on Friday, Craig warned Al not to smash comic Keegan-Michael Key’s face into a cake during a hilarious on-air moment.

Keegan-Michael appeared on Wednesday’s episode alongside Al, Craig, and Savannah.

The comedian, who co-created Key & Peele with Jordan Peele, marked his 52nd birthday this week and was presented with a cake.

Al asked Keegan-Michael if he had ever smelled the cake before appearing to push his head toward the treat.

The camera panned to Savannah, who wagged her finger before Craig told Al: “Do not do that to our guest.”

Al and Keegan-Michael were heard laughing in the background as Craig tried to introduce the next segment.

Today show fans reacted on social media and discussed the hilarious moment.

One viewer said: “I have watched this like 20 times. Uber funny.”

While another commented: “Boys being boys.”

Al is a beloved host on the Today show and viewers described him as the “special ingredient.”


Craig and Al constantly keep viewers entertained as the pair are known for their banter and playful behavior.

But, this week, they were accused of being “immature” during a fashion segment and earlier this month, The U.S. Sun reported how Al poked fun at Craig after the broadcaster debuted a new haircut.

Al said: “Love the new haircut… [it] looks clean. I like that.”

Craig thanked Al for the praise as he proudly rubbed his head.

He replied: “Thank you very much I appreciate that and my barber DJ Fresh appreciates it too.”

Al laughed as he repeated “DJ Fresh,” seemingly confirming with Craig if he heard him right.

Craig repeated the name “DJ Fresh,” before revealing that his barber’s name was a “stage” persona.

The weatherman joked: “Only you would have a barber with a stage name.”

NBCAl Roker got in on the fun too, claiming that Craig has T-Rex arms when attempting to bid during an auction[/caption]

NBCAl recently demanded Craig to get a ‘little more pumped up’ for his weather report[/caption]

GettyCraig, Al, and the other hosts are known for the comedic back-and-forth banter while on the air[/caption]

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