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The View’s Whoopi Goldberg loudly chews on snacks put out for everyone in middle of live show

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg loudly chews on snacks put out for everyone in middle of live show

WHOOPI Goldberg has chewed loudly on snacks that were put out for everyone on the View set.

She let everyone know that she eats ice cream cones as just a snack.

ABCWhoopi Goldberg loudly chewed on an ice cream that was brought out for the whole View panel[/caption]

ABCShe said she eats them as snacks without ice cream[/caption]

On Thursday’s show, The View panel welcomed U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.

They talked about losing loved ones, the effects of social media on mental health, the pandemic, and more.

Sara Haines ended the conversation and asked Dr. Murthy a question.

“Before you go, one serious question, is there have been calls for you to leave your roll. Actually, because you kind of set a social fire when you said how you ate ice cream,” she said.

He chuckled and Sara asked him to clarify because she “didn’t know where she stands on this.”

“It was a terrible Twitter scandal,” Sunny Hostin said.

“I know that this was a big deal,” Dr. Murthy chuckled. “I revealed on social media that I prefer eating an empty cone without the ice cream.”

As he said that, Whoopi took a loud crunch of her cone, but no one else ate anything.

Joy Behar told him that she “didn’t blame him.”

But Sara said that it “discredited the entire interview.”


Dr. Murthy revealed that he thinks it’s easier to share a cone instead of ice cream because you can break off pieces and give it to others.

Sara told him that was “too convenient” and then he admitted that he just liked the cone more.

Whoopi then spoke up as she chewed and said: “I like these just as snacks, with no ice cream in it.”

The doctor agreed and as he continued the conversation, Whoopi kept eating the cone.

She was halfway done by the time the show cut to commercial.

“We’ll be right back,” Whoopi said, with a full mouth.


This isn’t the first time Whoopi has eaten food on live TV.

Back in July, she snacked on a scone with butter.

The TV personality held up her treat to the camera, also showing off a red knife smothered in topping as she struggled to finish her bite before beginning her monologue.

“Yeah, international superstar chef and longtime judge on the Great British bakeoff is sharing his expertise in his new book ‘Bake, My Best Ever Recipes for the Classics,’” she explained through a mouth filled with pastry.

“And he’s giving us a taste right now, that’s why my mouth is full,” Whoopi added, nodding her head back and forth.

“Please welcome Paul Hollywood!” the actress concluded before the cameras switched to show the full table of hosts.

Co-host Joy then turned to Whoopi, saying: “Hollywood, that’s his real last name.”

The Sister Act star curtly replied: “That’s alright. But you have the first question, I’m going to continue to eat,” as she blatantly munched on her snack.

One fan took to Twitter to slam the actress for eating during the show writing: “Respectfully, with the dramatic increased cost of living, life costs and people drowning in debt, limit the affluence of expensive food on air in front of @TheView panel.

“And the panelists should never be “viewed” eating food on air. It’s rude. (Whoopi is always eating.)”

ABCThe View panel welcomed the US Surgeon General to the show on Thursday[/caption]

ABCDr. Murthy said that he just eats the ice cream cone and not the ice cream[/caption]

ABCBack in July, Whoopi also chewed on a scone with butter on live TV[/caption]

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