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The View’s Ana Navarro blasted by fans for ‘unbearable’ on-air behavior as they beg her to ‘please stop’

The View’s Ana Navarro blasted by fans for ‘unbearable’ on-air behavior as they beg her to ‘please stop’

THE View fans have slammed host Ana Navarro over a specific on-air behavior they’re finding unbearable.

Viewers are begging the 51-year-old to “stop” her habit of name-dropping when hosting the talk show.

ABCFans are slamming Ana Navarro for often name-dropping her famous friends on The View[/caption]

ABCOn Friday, she revealed she plays Words with Friends with tennis star Martina Navratilova[/caption]

During Friday’s new episode of The View, Ana got to talking with her co-hosts about their various phone obsessions. 

Joy Behar revealed she’s “addicted to Scrabble” and is “constantly” playing the game on her phone.

“Is that what you’re doing,” Sunny Hostin asked, admitting she thought her View colleague was always reading the news on her mobile device.

That’s when Ana took the opportunity to not only share her own phone addiction, but also to name-drop one of her famous pals.

She told everyone: “Listen, I play Words with Friends with [tennis star] Martina Navritilova who–“

Not surprised by hearing about yet another one of Ana’s A-list friends, Joy laughed and cut in to say: “Of course you do. Of course she does!”

Ana went on: “We’ve been doing it for years, and she basically has the same record with me that she does in Wimbledon. She’s beat me [all the time].”

While Joy found it funny, fans at home said that they had had enough of always hearing about the 51-year-old’s notable pals, every chance she gets.

One viewer blasted on Twitter: “Ana always name dropping her famous friends. Oy!”

A second annoyed fan wrote: “You seem like a smart, very attractive woman with a great sense of humor. BUT PLEASE, lay off with the name-dropping. 

“Every time, it’s like a wait-for-it moment. We get it. You know people. We don’t want to start calling you #namedroppingana.”

A third begged: “Really love the show…but Ana would you pls quit the non-stop name-dropping?”

Earlier this year, Ana gushed all about attending singer Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira’s wedding.

The TV personality took to Instagram in January to show off her glammed-up look for the affair.

She stunned in a tightly-fitted black dress that flaunted her slimmer figure.

After she was home from the extravagant event, Ana name-dropped a bunch of the famous faces she saw in attendance.

She shared a close-up shot of her laying in bed, looking exhausted, with her hair and makeup still intact.

Ana wrote: the caption “Folks, when I left @marcanthony’s & @nadiatferreira’s wedding at 3am, @victoriabeckham & @davidbeckham were on the dance floor.

“And @salmahayek was gliding in the air, while @luisfonsi looked on.”

The View host added: “I ran out of gas. Am now in my bed feeling I’m missing out.

“But I just couldn’t stand in these shoes one more minute. If you want to know more, read @holausa tomorrow.

“I don’t even have the energy to take off my make-up. Mañana. To all a good night.”

ABCJoy Behar was not surprised to hear about et another one of Ana’s A-list friends[/caption]

ABCFans at home, though, begged Ana to ‘pls quit the non-stop name-dropping’[/caption]

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