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Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards ‘ransacked’ home he shared with wife Mackenzie and created ‘fecal’ smell in bedroom after split

Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards ‘ransacked’ home he shared with wife Mackenzie and created ‘fecal’ smell in bedroom after split

TEEN Mom star Ryan Edwards has been accused of damaging the home he once shared with his estranged wife Mackenzie, a police report claims.

Ryan, 35, is currently in court-ordered rehab for drug abuse after pleading guilty to harassment against Mackenzie, 27.

SplashTeen Mom star Ryan Edwards has been accused of damaging the home he once shared with his estranged wife Mackenzie[/caption]

Coleman-RaynerMackenzie filed for divorce and hit Ryan with a request for a protection order[/caption]

Google MapsAccording to a police report, the walls of the property were scrawled with graffiti and allegations of infidelity against Mackenzie[/caption]

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup was the first to report on the police report, which has been viewed by The U.S. Sun.

On February 10, authorities made contact with Mackenzie, who informed them Ryan told her father he would be going to their marital home to pack up his belongings.

The police report alleged: “Upon walking around the house, I observed items were strewn all over the yard and Ms.
Edwards stated she had not left the home like this. I also observed several bedroom windows were shattered… Upon
entering the residence, I observed it was completely destroyed.”

The officer explained of the kitchen: “The refrigerator was tipped over and leaned against the counter, and the doors were open and had been written on in permanent marker. I observed a loaded AK-47 style rifle on the kitchen counter.

“The microwave had been spray painted blue, the dining room table was flipped over and had been spray painted with profanities, as had the patio window and other walls in the house. There was also writing in black marker on the walls.

“I observed white paint smudges across the floor, as well as a knife stuck into the wall holding a note. I observed several other holes in the drywall, and several pointed metal objects also stuck into the drywall.”

The couch was flipped over, there was glass on the floor from broken windows and graffiti on the walls had “allegations of infidelity against Ms. Edwards,” according to the report.

Ryan also allegedly wrote words on their wedding photo.

The report continued to claim: “Deputies also observed the master bedroom had an odor consistent with fecal matter but nothing was located, and there was writing on the walls in black marker above the bed and across from the bed.

“The bedroom also appeared ransacked. The master bathroom had been damaged and items strewn about.”

Their children Jagger, 4, and 3-year-old Stella’s bedrooms did not sustain any damage.

The police report continued: “Upon entering the downstairs, I observed items were strewn about, the doors of the cabinets had been removed and were lying on the couch, and one of the doorknobs to a closet was broken off.”

It was also stated that the power “had been turned off or cut” because none of the lights in the house were working, and the house felt “cold.”

The report claimed none of Ryan’s belongings, including his gaming system and tools, were damaged.

The police then went to his place of employment to arrest him on an active warrant.

The report read: “Upon searching Mr. Edwards, I observed white paint on the tops and sides of his boots which appeared to match what I observed on the floor of the Edwards residence.”

He is listed as a suspect in the report.


The damage to the home was reported just one day after Mackenzie had taken out a temporary restraining order against Ryan.

In the petition exclusively obtained by The U.S. Sun, Mackenzie detailed a series of alleged domestic violence incidents.

She wrote in the February 8 petition about an alleged January 15, 2023 fight: “Arguing, Ryan punched holes in the walls and doors. [He] held me up by my neck to the wall. Threw me down in hallway and said if he could not have me no one could.

“Opened pocket knife, put to my back like he was going to kill me. This was in front of children. I tried to leave, he smashed my phone, took my car keys.”

Mackenzie wrote that a co-worker then called 911.

In the petition, Mackenzie claimed of a January 24, 2023 fight: “[He] came into bedroom where I was laying down. Pretending like he’s going to punch my face. Breaks bed with me in it. Getting in my face yelling.

“I went to get kids and leave. He wouldn’t let me leave. Threw me down in living room. Threw menthol nicotine in my eyes.”

Mackenzie claimed in the petition that her father called authorities and that officers found a loaded AR gun in the home.

She then described a February 8, 2023 phone call where he threatened her, claiming: “Phone call threatening me, saying I’m not going to like what’s going to happen to me.”

The former MTV star requested Ryan have no contact with her and stay away from her home and workplace.

She requested temporary custody of their children Jagger and Stella, though she did not ask they be protected from their father.

She also asked the court to order Ryan to move out of their home “immediately.”


Ryan was arrested for harassment, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, and order of protection violation on February 10.

He was then arrested for aggravated stalking and violating a protection order on March 1 after authorities issued two warrants for his arrest on February 23. 

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported Ryan had an emergency court hearing on Tuesday at Hamilton County Court in Tennessee.

The U.S. Sun could confirm he pleaded guilty to the harassment charge.

Ryan was ordered to complete rehab treatment and have no contact with the victim.

A judge also ordered Ryan to wear a GPS monitor and refrain from posting about Mackenzie on social media.

He will be on probation for 11 months and 29 days.

The possession of drug paraphernalia, stalking and order of protection violation charges were dismissed.

As for his possession of a controlled substance, he was sentenced to rehab with the option of the time being reduced for good behavior after six months.

He is due back in court on April 20 for the harassment and stalking charges.

Silverdale Detention CenterThe 35-year-old was arrested for aggravated stalking and violating a protection order[/caption]

InstagramReality TV stars Mackenzie and Ryan in happier times before their split[/caption]

MTVIn a temporary restraining order, Mackenzie requested Ryan have no contact with her and stay away from her home and workplace[/caption]

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