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Teen Mom Chelsea Houska suffers major beauty blunder in new video after fans beg her to ‘stop with the fillers’

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska suffers major beauty blunder in new video after fans beg her to ‘stop with the fillers’

TEEN Mom fans have begged show star Chelsea Houska to lay off the cosmetic fillers, after they say she looks orange in new photos.

The reality star has come under fire before for her face-altering procedures.

Instagram /chelseahouskaChelsea Houska took to Instagram to promote her new partnership[/caption]

Instagram /chelseahouskaFans were distracted by her orange hue[/caption]

Chelsea recently shared a series of videos to her Instagram stories promoting her partnership with a photo book company.

But as she plugged the red hot product, her skin looked decidedly orange.

The 31-year-old filmed an ad staring directly into the camera, extolling the virtues of the product.

She was dressed casually, wearing a black cut-off shirt with plaid cover over it, comfy sweats, and a gray ski beanie.

A nose ring completed her look.

However, her fashion sense was overshadowed by her orange hue.


Fans have become familiar with Chelsea’s changing skin, and have begged her to stop.

On one popular fan page, followers spoke out.

Posting a photo of Chelsea’s face, one critical fan wrote: “Her face honestly does not look bad besides her lips.”

A second said: “Her face is literally uneven around her mouth. I really don’t like to comment on her face because she has anxiety so bad and really focuses so much time on her face everyday, but around her mouth that line, one side is puffier than the other.”

One commented: “I have to wonder how much of this is actually just filters.”

Another pleaded: “Hopefully she’ll stop the filler.”


Last year, a throwback clip was re-discovered that showed her Orange appeal.

Reddit users began sharing a still from an old episode, joking about the reality star’s fake tan.

The original poster shared the image, writing: “The hand to face color ratio is absolutely scary!!” pointing out the drastic difference between the tone of Chelsea’s face and the rest of her body.

Another commenter joked: “Literally cheeto dust!”

A third fan quipped: “Tomato Tupperware, I’m glad she was able to scrub the worst of her face as the years went by.”

Someone else commented on the post: “My daughter was coming and going while I was watching and she asked me ‘why is her face so orange?’”

Other fans noted how Chelsea toned it down over the years, though she has faced controversy due to her tan even after leaving the show.

“I’m watching season 7 and while her tan looks more natural, she has those weird angular sharpie brows,” one Teen Mom fan wrote.

Another chimed in with a show of solidarity, writing: “10 or so years ago I was guilty of this too… and the skinny eyebrows.”


This isn’t the first time Chelsea’s tan has come up.

In 2021, she was accused of “blackfishing” after she posted a photo with. her daughters in which she looked drastically darker than them.

The photo in question appeared to have been part of a family photoshoot snapped a month earlier.

In the original post, a Reddit user wrote: ‘Chelsea’s girls rocking their natural (albeit insta filtered colour. Meanwhile their Mam is 1,000 shades of mahogany.”

Several fans accused her of trying to look another race, with one writing: “If I didn’t know any better I’d think she adopted those kids lol. I don’t get why she wants to appear an entirely different race!”

Another user wrote: “It’s weird how people are coming to her defense about her way too dark makeup color/skin color. I guess it rubs me wrong when white girls try so hard to look brown.”

Not known, clear with picture deskFans have begged Chelsea to lay off the fillers[/caption]

MTVShe has been accused of having orange skin in the past[/caption]

Chelsea Houska/InstagramChelsea often plugs products on her social media sites[/caption]

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