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Sister Wives star Christine Brown shows off incredible weight loss in red shirt for new pic after dumping husband Kody

Sister Wives star Christine Brown shows off incredible weight loss in red shirt for new pic after dumping husband Kody

CHRISTINE Brown has shown off her incredible weight loss once again.

The former Sister Wives star continues to undergo a body and mind makeover since dumping her husband, Kody.

Instagram/life_with_health_and_happinessChristine Brown showed off her slimmer frame while promoting her weight loss drink[/caption]

TLCChristine has been losing weight since leaving husband Kody[/caption]

Christine was all smiles as she shared a series of new snaps revealing her ongoing weight loss.

The 50-year-old clutched a pink bottle of her Plexus weight-loss drink, in an Instagram ad.

Joining her in subsequent photos was Kody’s other wife, Janelle, and Janelle’s daughter, Maddie.

All three were touting the virtues of the drink.

“Spring is officially here!” she teased in the caption. “Whether you’re wanting weight loss, gut health, a stronger immune system, more energy, less anxiety, less brain fog, appetite suppressing, or reduce sugar cravings we’ve got it all.

“No really, we do! We love plexus because it gets to the ROOT of the issue!! We had 99 problems and Plexus helped 95 of them.”


Christine seems to be losing more than just weight.

The U.S. Sun has learned she’s also losing sales of the shake to Janelle.

Although the wives had been working side-by-side in their business with Plexus, Kody’s exes appear to be competing with each other.

According to Plexus Worldwide’s Weekly Leaders Spotlight for the week of March 5 to March 11, both Christine and Janelle, 53, earned the title of “Top VIP Customer Sign Ups” and “Top Business Building Bonuses.”

Despite both of the ladies’ accomplishments, The U.S. Sun can reveal that Janelle is having more success in the business than Christine.

Per the Plexus points system, Janelle is a diamond brand ambassador, which means she’s at the “pinnacle of leadership” within the weight loss company.

Meanwhile, Christine is a sapphire brand ambassador, which is below Janelle’s tier, and is the “second-highest rank of leadership.”


Neither reality star has boasted about their level of success on social media.

However, they make it well known that they are each competing to get their followers to sign up for their challenges and purchase their products.

They have each created Instagram accounts – “Life with Health and Happiness,” and “The Secret to Selfcare” – to show off their results and share updates on their business.

But now, Janelle has taken a step further and has secretly launched three new businesses in the past four months.

The U.S. Sun previously reported her new businesses: Janelle Brown Plexus, Strive With Janelle, and Janelle Brown Production.

The mom of six also attended a solo trip to Phoenix earlier this week for a Plexus leadership conference to help boost her sales even more.

While enjoying the “heavenly scent” at her hotel, she wrote: “I’ve never smelled orange blossoms! There are trees all over the resort property.”


The sales revelation comes as Janelle and Christine reportedly had a falling out over Christine’s new boyfriend.

According to a source, the once-close pair is now feuding over the mom of six’s new romance with David Woolley.

“There’s some distance between Janelle and Christine at the moment.

“Janelle doesn’t approve of her new relationship,” a source told The U.S. Sun.

“She thinks it’s too much too soon.

“She’s more old-fashioned. She also doesn’t agree that it should’ve been so public so quickly. She’s not about it.”

The source claimed that Janelle is “upset” that Christine is “spending all the time with him” and “they’re not so close as they were before they started dating.”

Some relatives, including Janelle, are “having a hard time trusting him,” and some believe he’s “not in it for the right reasons,” the source added.

Christine and David, 59, went public on Valentine’s Day.

Instagram/life_with_health_and_happinesJanelle Brown has been making her own sales of the drink[/caption]

Instagram/life_with_health_and_happinesJanelle’s daughter Maddie has joined the sales force[/caption]

Instagram/david__woolleyChristine and Jenelle are feuding after Christine started dating David Woolley[/caption]

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