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Sister Wives’ Kody Brown drops big reality show ‘spoiler’ in very new video after split from Janelle, Christine and Meri

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown drops big reality show ‘spoiler’ in very new video after split from Janelle, Christine and Meri

SISTER Wives’ Kody Brown has dropped a big show “spoiler” in a rare new video after his spit from wives Janelle, Christine, and Meri.

Recently, fans praised all three of Kody’s ex-wives for showcasing new energy after moving on from the TLC star.

TikTokSister Wives star Kody Brown dropped a big show ‘spoiler’ in a Cameo video sent to a fan[/caption]

FacebookKoby provided an update on his relationship with his one remaining wife, Robyn Brown, during the video[/caption]

The spoiler was dropped during a Cameo recorded by the Sister Wives star that a TikTok user uploaded to the social media app.

During the video, Kody, 54, was shown seated in the front seat of his truck as he congratulated a fan on their one-year anniversary.

After touching on the fan’s career in television and revealing that what he sees of himself on TV is “a caricature” of himself, he confessed: “I won’t be having more wives.”

Kody continued: “Robyn and I are now basically monogamous.”

The TV personality quickly added: “Don’t let that out yet, it’s probably a spoiler,” before admitting, “but it seems obvious with the new season coming.”

The 54-year-old then excitedly told the fan: “But you guys, you guys could always be in plural marriage.

Refer to CaptionKody, pictured here with his ex-wives Meri, Christine, and Janelle Brown, and his wife Robyn revealed that he and Robyn are ‘basically monogamous’[/caption]

“You could always be a sister wife still.”

Kody explained: “You gotta talk your man into that and I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

Laughing at his failed attempt to maintain a healthy polyamorous lifestyle, the reality TV star stated: “I don’t have any recommendations on that.”

He then signed off by wishing the fan, “lots of peace” and “lots of love.”

Fans in the comment section sounded off on the video, with one person writing: “Because Kody is someone I’d want relationship advice from,” punctuated by an “eye roll” emoji.

Another fan wrote: “Nothing says dysfunctional like martial advice from Kody Brown.”

“lol. Robin and I are basically monogamous? He and Robin have been the [sic] monogamous for like 10 years,” added a third.

While a fourth commenter stated: “He just sees a caricature of himself on TV. Explains how he justifies and lives with his toxic behavior. Denial.”


Last week, Kody’s ex-wives were praised for their new energy after moving on from their spiritual husband as a Sister Wives fan posted a roundup of the three women, and others were quick to voice their admiration.

On Reddit, a forum user uploaded some of the stars’ recent social media pics after their splits from Kody.

The first photo shared showed Christine making Irish Soda Bread for her show Cooking with Just Christine.

In the captured moment, 50-year-old Christine smiled widely in flattering cat eyeglasses, as she held her creation to the camera.

Another pic was taken while Janelle, 53, was out for dinner with three of her six children and one of their girlfriends.

Janelle sat at the head of the table in the picture and added the caption: “Dinner with my boys and Hunter’s girl Audrey. Such a fun evening and a bright spot in the day.”

Another family moment showed Christine and three of her six children as they enjoyed a fancy High Tea for her daughter Aspyn’s 28th birthday.

The final pic shared was a selfie from Meri, 52, in which she smiled in a full face of glam makeup while holding a plant pot that read: “I will survive!”

Fans praised the ex-wives for thriving after the split.

One person said: “I feel like these poor women were sold a lie and now have a chance at true freedom and happiness. I hope they find it.”

“The ex-wives are all glowing since they’ve freed themselves. It’s so lovely to see,” added another.

Another comment read: “They all look better than ever. Light and bright and happy. Hmmm… I wonder what has changed? Freedom.”

A third fan simply stated: “Everyone looks so happy.”


The U.S. Sun reported last year that Janelle and Kody were no longer together after 29 years of marriage.

Now, she’s dedicated herself to her new weight loss business.

In November, a source exclusively told The U.S. Sun that Janelle had “lost a ton of weight” and is “half the size she was.”

“Her numbers have completely changed. She’s got to be at least 100 pounds down,” they added.

Meanwhile, Meri has kept busy with an Instagram video series called Fridays With Friends.

On the St. Patrick’s Day edition of the chatty live streams, she showed off her fresh new hairstyle to her followers.

She also continues to sell LuLaRoe clothing.

Christine has even found herself a new partner, David Woolley.

The TLC star went Insta-official with David on Valentine’s Day, calling him the “love of her life” in an adorable and heartfelt post.

The U.S. Sun has learned that David is a widower and father of eight children.

Instagram/christine_brownswChristine Brown has found a new boyfriend, David Woolley, since divorcing her ex Kody[/caption]

Instagram/the_secret_to_selfcareJanelle Brown has focused on her health and lost weight since she moved on from her marriage with Kody[/caption]

Instagram/ therealmeribrownMeri Brown has kept busy with an Instagram video series called Fridays With Friends since her split from her ex-husband[/caption]

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