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Grey’s Anatomy fans furious after beloved character feared dead after ‘bizarre’ accident in ‘absurd’ scene

Grey’s Anatomy fans furious after beloved character feared dead after ‘bizarre’ accident in ‘absurd’ scene

GREY’S Anatomy fans are fearing the worst when it comes to the fate one of the show’s most beloved characters.

Viewers have slammed the show for bringing back Addison Montgomery (played by Kate Walsh), only for her to be potentially killed off.


The fan-favorite character returned to Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday for an explosive new episode.

Tragedy struck at the end of the broadcast when Addison and a trainee were involved in a car accident.

Fans were left reeling as they wondered if one or both of the characters were dead.

Not only were many fans fuming over the possibility that Grey’s Anatomy brought back Kate’s character just to kill her off, but they were angered over the details of the tragic incident, as well.

Addison had helped a trainee pick up some papers in the middle of the road when a car came at them fast.

Off to the side, Miranda Bailey (played by Chandra Wilson) yelled at for them to “get out of the way.”

Addison looked up to see the car speeding toward her, and she was able to help the trainee get up so the could start running out of the way.

Unfortunately, the young woman was hit straight on by the vehicle, flying over the top before being thrown off onto the road.

It appeared that Addison hadn’t been hit, though, yet she, too, fell to the ground.

In a preview for the second half of the two-part event, which airs next Thursday (March 30), Addison can be seen lying unconscious on a stretcher as she’s being loaded into an ambulance.

She has a brace around her neck, bloody wounds on her face, and a blanket covering most of her body.

While the promo doesn’t reveal who Bailey is talking to at the end of the clip, the doctor tells a patient who is coding, “Not yet, too many people need you!”

Fans expressed their anger over Addison’s possible death on social media, as well as their confusion over how she could’ve gotten so injured when it seemed she hadn’t been hit.

One upset viewer tweeted: “The distance she was from the car and yet greys managed to not give her peace AGAIN!”

A second confused fan wrote: “I’m sorry I cannot take this serious with the fact that we all saw how she DID NOT GET HIT BY THE FREAKING CAR, yet it’s getting so blown up into this.”

A third begged: “They can’t kill her NOOOOOO. If she dies, that’s where I’m drawing the line with this show!”

“I’m over here bawling my eyes out. They better not kill her,” another social media user demanded.


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