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Duggar fans blast James, 21, for ‘disgusting and horrible’ social media decision in new post

Duggar fans blast James, 21, for ‘disgusting and horrible’ social media decision in new post

COUNTING On fans have slammed James Duggar for supporting a “horrible” message on social media.

James, son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, liked a post on an Instagram profile called Pubity.

Instagram/jamesaduggarFans are angry at James Duggar after a major social media mistake[/caption]

Instagram/jamesaduggarJames ‘liked’ a homophobic and offensive social media post on Instagram[/caption]

The post featured a picture of a politician from Uganda and a pride flag.

It stated: “Uganda passes a law making it a crime to identify as LGBTQ.”

The caption reads: “People who identify as LGBTQ in Uganda risk life in prison after parliament passed a new bill to crack down on homosexual activities.

“It also includes the death penalty in certain cases.”

In a screenshot posted on Reddit, James was confirmed to have liked the anti-LGBTQ post.


Fans of Counting On and the Duggar family discussed the situation on Reddit, and many expressed how unhappy they were with James’ social media behavior.

One said: “James and his Big Christian Incel Energy are really starting to piss me off.”

Another user commented: “Note the text in the post that says this includes the death penalty in some cases. And he still liked it.”

To which another person sarcastically replied: “Pro-life, dontcha know!”

Someone else said: “Your brother is a literal pedophile and I’m sure he’s not the only Duggar man who is… But yeah, let’s kill the gays.

“He’s probably thrilled because it’s Christian missionaries that caused the situation in Uganda. Disgusting.”


In December, James posted a video that also had fans concerned about the young Duggar.

He posted a video where he flaunted his bedroom- which was filled with assault rifles.

Although he used to live a reclusive life off social media, he resurfaced for the controversial Christmas YouTube video.

In a shocking first shot, the ex-reality star filmed himself waking up, yawning, and gazing at his bedroom.

On the walls hung four large automatic weapons that were arranged as bedroom decor.

The former TLC star was sure to include the assault rifles in the clip as he fluffed his comforter and made the bed.

He then showered and got ready for the day before heading to church for the Christmas sermon.

After seeing the video, one fan asked: “Just curious, why does a man of faith who’s a God-fearing man require so many automatic guns? Isn’t the Lord our protector?”

“What’s with all the GUNS,” a second asked, while a third guessed: “They’re Trump Trumpers. What do you expect.”

Reddit/ falcon3251The post was about the new anti-LGBTQ laws in Uganda[/caption]

Instagram/@jamesaduggarJames also has several assault rifles hanging up in his room[/caption]

Instagram/duggarfamJames is the son of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar[/caption]

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