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Bachelor fans think Zach Shallcross’ three finalists dropped major clue he will leave ‘single’ after explosive finale

Bachelor fans think Zach Shallcross’ three finalists dropped major clue he will leave ‘single’ after explosive finale

BACHELOR fans suspect Zach Shallcross will leave as a single man after the current season is over after spotting an online clue from three of the contestants.

Sleuth fans noticed that all three finalists posted the same exact photo to their respective Instagram accounts of the latest rose ceremony.

ABCBachelor fans noticed that all three finalists posted the same photo with the same emojis on social media[/caption]

ABCThe coincidental photo made fans think that Zach will leave the show single[/caption]

All three of them, Kaity, Gabi, and Ariel, posted the photo with the same heart-hands emoji.

A popular Bachelor fan account, The Betchelor, pointed out the coincidence on Twitter, questioning: “Wait. Why did the final three girls ALL post the same picture, with the same caption at the same time? What does it mean?”

One hypothesized: “I think Zach will not be engaged by the end of this. Kaity may say yes BUT I think ATFR they’ll reveal they’re no longer together.”

Another agreed, writing: “It’s an act of solidarity. Wonder if it’s an act of solidarity against production, against fan criticism, or if they’ve all broken up, against Zach.”

“I think none of them are still with him and they probably all agree that he effed up on something,” wrote another.

Another added: “My fantasy end to the season is the 3 of them leaving right here and going on a girls’ trip. Besties 4’evah.”

Kaity has been widely considered the frontrunner for Zach’s heart but fans aren’t so convinced after the most recent episode.


During Monday’s show, Bachelor Nation looked on as Zach and his final three enjoyed fantasy suite dates.

First up was Ariel Frenkel followed by Gabi Elnicki and then Kaity – all of whom The Bachelor star vowed not to be intimate with prior to their dates.

He said early on: “I think what feels right to me is approaching this entire week is not having sex with fantasy suites. I know it’s not conventional, but I want this to work.”

Things changed in a flash on date two, with Zach and Gabi deciding to take the next step in their relationship.

The decision left Zach with a choice: carry on with his final date holding on to this secret or share the bombshell news with Kaity.

He opted to share the news in the hopes that honesty really is the best policy but wound up upsetting his potential future wife.

Early on in their date, the reality star revealed: “I would never lie to you … I have been intimate this week. It was a decision between us that made sense to kind of further the relationship.”

It was immediately clear that Kaity was taken aback and within minutes, she was in tears.


On Reddit, fans watching the episode laid into Zach.

“This man is a special brand of stupid,” one critic commented.

Another wondered: “Why does she have to comfort him?”

“Kaity is so spot on! He has treated them like children. They’re contestants on the bachelor and know what the overnights can involve. He doubted their maturity and he’s getting the blow black from it,” a third fan wrote.

Someone else chimed in: “Zach wtf did you expect my dude????!!?!?”


Ahead of the episode, fans had been buzzing about Zach’s love life for a very different reason.

While it seemed like the end of the road for Zach and Kaity during the latest episode, many fans have been left convinced that the California native and his rumored frontrunner are engaged though the show has yet to come to an end.

Kaity posted a photo of herself enjoying ribs at a Texas-based restaurant, Terry Black’s Barbecue.

While Kaity’s Story post appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary, it made some Bachelor fans suspicious, especially since it coincided with Zach’s latest TikTok

In the 26-year-old’s short clip on TikTok he appeared to have on a hat that read: “Terry’s Black’s Barbecue Austin, Texas…”

Zach happened to be wearing a hat from the same restaurant that Kaity later snapped a pic in for Instagram in his social media flick. 

Though Zach hasn’t officially chosen his fiancé on the show, it appears as though he has online.

Weeks prior to the post, online sleuths noticed that she liked his previous Instagram posts going back as far as July 2021 – long before he appeared on Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s season of The Bachelorette.

The clue left fans convinced that the duo might have had a relationship of some kind prior to the start of Season 27.

YouTube / Bachelor Nation on ABCZach broke his promise and was intimate with Gabi in the Fantasy Suite[/caption]

ABCKaity said ‘she was crushed’ after hearing the news[/caption]

ABCTHe week before, fans thought Kaity and Zach were already engaged after spotting another clue on social media[/caption]

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