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Alabama Barker, 17, flips off the camera as she takes fans inside sprawling open foyer of dad Travis’ $7M Calabasas home

Alabama Barker, 17, flips off the camera as she takes fans inside sprawling open foyer of dad Travis’ $7M Calabasas home

ALABAMA Barker has given fans a peek inside her famous father’s $7M Calabasas home.

Alabama, 17, was spotted in an Instagram Stories video walking down a sprawling long hallway in Travis Barker‘s home.

Alabama Barker took fans on a small tour of dad Travis’ $7M homeGetty Images – GettyInstagram/chrisdylanhairAlabama flipped off the camera while walking down a long hallway[/caption]

Her friend and stylist Chris Dylan filmed the teen walking away from him in the home, wearing an oversized motorcycle jack and her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail.

“I love you, mean it,” he’s overheard on the video as Alabama blows a kiss.

Her hand then turns into a middle finger as she continues walking and Chris says: “I said love you, bye!”

Viewers could make out huge archways in the home, with minimal decoration.

Chris captioned the video: “Can we tell how much she loves me,” before tagging Alabama.

The 17-year-old daughter of the famous Blink-182 drummer has given small glimpses of her home life before on social media.


Alabama recently posted a photo of her dad’s living room to her Instagram Stories.

The room hosted a roaring fireplace as the television played.

It was painted white, with spotlights in the ceiling and a black metal door leading to the outside.

Directly in front of the camera was a wooden bench with piles of books.

Behind the book bench was a large white couch surrounded by armchairs, side tables, and another large book table, creating a large area for socializing and relaxing.

To the left of the room was a large open fireplace set into the wall, which blazed away for the evening.

At the far end of the room, a television was fixed to the wall above a wooden cabinet, and to the right, a hint of a large leafy plant could be seen.

The teen also captured snow falling in the backyard of the property after blizzard warnings were issued during a weekend of sub-zero temperatures in California.

On TikTok, she panned her camera around the grass – with a huge stone outside the dining area and loungers seen nestled in the corner.

She told fans: “Guys I think it’s on the verge of snowing in California.”

She then zoomed in on the outdoor pool, where the flakes of snow could be seen dropping into the water.

The Blink 182 hitmaker’s daughter continued to film the flakes falling on luxe black leather recliners, with their white color a marked contrast on the fabric.

Alabama along with Travis and wife Kourtney Kardashian – and the rest of their kids – live in the stunning LA home.


Despite having a large home she shares with her extended family, Alabama had sparked concern among fans for re-posting lyrics about being “lonely.”

With the photos, she added a slow song with the lyrics: “I never had thoughts that control me until something bad left me so lonely.

“And I want it back, I want the old me. I’m trying to forget…”

The lyrics cause some serious concern for Alabama because she’s admitted to crying at school and at home.

On her YouTube channel, she did a Q&A video fielding inquiries from her followers. Things started off simple, with questions about her as a person, her dream job, and more.

Her final question was: “How do you deal with hate at such a young age in this industry?”

Alabama spoke openly about her online haters, revealing just how ruthless some have been toward her.

She replied: “The main thing for an individual to remember when dealing with hate is that it will never get better if you don’t let it get better yourself – if you don’t block out the hate, it will never get better.”

The teen star went on: “It’s not something that anybody should deal with, in my opinion.”

Alabama revealed: “I’ve cried at school, I’ve cried in class, I’ve cried at home. I’ve done it all because it’s sad.”

Instagram/alabamaluellabarkerAlabama recently showed off the home’s huge living room and fireplace[/caption]

Instagram/Alabama BarkerShe also gave fans quite a view of the pool and herself in a bikini[/caption]

TikTok @alabamabarkerThe teen recently opened up about her online haters, revealing just how ruthless some have been toward her[/caption]

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