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1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton films son Gage, 2, crying in new video- as fans spot ‘unsafe’ detail in background

1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton films son Gage, 2, crying in new video- as fans spot ‘unsafe’ detail in background

AMY Slaton has raised concerns for her children once again, after sharing a video of her two-year-old son Gage playing with an electrical device.

Fans also called out the 1000-Lb. Sisters star for seeming to ignore her other baby boy lost on the messy floor.

Coleman-RaynerAmy Slaton was slammed for seeming to put her children in danger[/caption]

TikTok / Amy SlatonThe 1000-Lb. Sister star let Gage play with an electric vacuum cleaner as a baby bouncer was overturned nearby[/caption]

Amy shared a TikTok of Gage standing on the living room couch and playing with a portable vacuum cleaner.

“We bought him a vacuum that actually works,” the 35-year-old told her audience.

As the toddler tussled with the machine, which luckily was not charged, something could be seen squirming in the nearby bouncer, which was overturned and lying on the floor.

It was unclear who, or what, was seemingly trapped by the toy, but one fan worried for Amy’s youngest child.

“Hope Glenn isn’t in the dumped over walker,” the follower posted, adding several sad face emojis.


It’s not the first time fans have worried for one of Amy’s children.

Earlier in the day, Amy’s sister, Tammy, came under fire for letting her nephew Gage play with an iPad.

The TLC star, 36, shared sweet photos of the two-year-old looking intently at the device’s screen while lying sprawled out on the living room floor.

While many 1000-Lb Sisters fans praised the cute shots, some ripped Tammy’s “terrible” decision to let the toddler use an iPad.

After one fan wrote, “Gage is a certified iPad baby,” another commented: “Which is terrible for children!”

A third posted: “Scary. Ruining the child’s brain. The poor child looks like a zombie staring into the glowing void. So sad.”


Gage was also in thoughts and prayers almost exactly one year ago, after the baby was seen sitting near what appeared to be a dirty toilet brush on the floor.

One fan on Reddit posted a comment to a thread about Amy’s latest pictures, writing: “Is that a toilet brush… on the floor?”

Another added: “Jesus, that is a toilet brush laying on the floor!”

A third chimed in: “God, Amy, what is a toilet brush doing in the living room unless you’re letting Gage play with it?”

Others were concerned about the state of Amy’s messy home, which she’s been criticized for in the past.

One wrote: “I guess showing their nasty home on TV wasn’t embarrassing enough, nor encouraged her to change her ways.”

Another pointed out: “It gets worse. Look at the corner baseboard and wall. That looks pretty grungy for a house that you fixed up before you moved in.”

Fans were previously concerned for Gage after an earlier episode of the show revealed what appeared to be rat poo and cockroaches under the toddler’s crib.

The TLC cameras gave an insight into Amy’s home as she moved out before she relocated to the Kentucky house where she now lives.

The empty spit -where Gage’s crib used to be – was littered with kitchen equipment, baby clothes, and a dirty towel on the floor.

The living room was a cluttered mess with clothing, open boxes, and baby toys spread all over.

TikTok / Amy SlatonFans worried as Gage climbed on the couch[/caption]

TikTok / Amy SlatonThere were also fears younger brother Glenn was trapped under the nearby toy[/caption]

InstagramFans slammed Amy’s sister Tammy for letting Gage use a tablet[/caption]

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