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Why is Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak trending?

Why is Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak trending?

WHEEL Of Fortune host Pat Sajak started trending after he tackled a guest in a moment that went viral.

The episode earned mixed reactions from viewers and it’s not the first time the Emmy Award winner stirred online buzz.

Every now and then, Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak starts trending during the show’s episodes

Why is Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak trending?

On March 21, 2023, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak attempted to wrestle a contestant in a viral moment.

The contestant was a bar trivia host named Fred who also admitted to being an amateur wrestler.

As Fred progressed further toward the show’s prize, Pat entered the stage again and appeared to put the contestant in a headlock.

“You brute! You want me to body slam him for you? I can do that,” he said as he tried to grapple the participant.

As Fred’s dad stood by and the audience gasped, the program cut to the commercials.

As the show returned from its commercial break, Vanna White remarked to him: “I had no idea you were a wrestler.”

Pat replied: “Yeah I used to do that professionally,” to which one lone audience member laughed loudly and Pat stared them down.

“Like you’ve never heard of ‘The Masked Sage?’ come on…” he joked, giving himself a wrestler pseudonym.

Pat also asked Vanna if she’d like to “tag team” the contestant with him as the episode closed and the credits rolled.

How did Wheel of Fortune fans react?

The clip from the episode divided viewers as they flocked to social media to voice their thoughts.

On Twitter, one fan joked Pat was being recruited by the Pittsburgh Steelers and said: “Steelers in search of more inside linebacker depth have reached out to Pat Sajak. One scout told me ‘the man can tackle!’”

ABCPat Sajak’s viral moments appear to be at the contestant’s expense[/caption]

Another fan tweeted: “Your probably not a WWE candidate if Pat can get you in a headlock!”

“Not Pat trying to do a wrestling move on the contestant,” quipped a third viewer.

When did Pat Sajak have a meltdown with a contestant?

Back in November 2020, the longtime host joked that he had a meltdown when dealing with a contestant on the show.

In the episode, contestant Darin McBain had to guess four expressions that began with the word kitchen, and he guessed correctly saying, “cabinet, towels, oven, sink”.

But a perplexed Darin couldn’t understand why the word “kitchen” followed “oven.”

He said: “Kitchen oven? What was that? Who calls it a ‘kitchen oven?’”

Pat then jokingly lost his cool by telling the contestant to be grateful.

He said: “You won! Don’t argue, Darin! You got the puzzle! Ungrateful players, I’ve had it!”

Pat continued “No, I’m just teasing. I finally snapped.”

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