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Today hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb are both missing again as two familiar faces take over news desk

Today hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb are both missing again as two familiar faces take over news desk

SAVANNAH Guthrie and Hoda Kotb have gone missing from The Today Show again on Thursday.

Two familiar faces have taken over the news desk.

GettySavannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb have both gone missing from the Today Show on Thursday[/caption]

NBCCraig Melvin and Sheinelle Jones filled in for the hosts[/caption]

Craig Melvin and Sheinelle Jones filled in for the hosts on the morning show.

Typically, Craig joins Savannah and Hoda about thirty minutes into the program, but he sat at the main desk today.

A third anchor did not join Craig and Sheinelle at the desk on Thursday.

They were later joined by Carson Daly and Al Roker for the POPStart segment.

Craig has been filling in for Hoda all week, who has been on vacation.

Savannah was also absent on Monday without any explanation.

Craig and Sheinelle filled in for the hosts that day as well.

It is not clear why Savannah was out and when she will be back.


When Savannah returned to the show on Tuesday, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

Her co-host, Craig, teased her about “unbuttoning her shirt” in a behind-the-scenes clip.

On Tuesday morning, Today Show Radio posted a video to their Instagram.

It featured Savannah and Craig getting ready for the show before the cameras started rolling.

Savannah was getting her hair brushed and Craig relaxed in his chair as one of the radio hosts came up to them.

“I’m sorry to expose this. I have no choice but to tell the people. This is your third shirt this morning,” the woman said.

Savannah explained: “Well, they keep telling me that my shirt is wrong and it’s like black and white, and so it makes the cameras do something funky, so they keep sending me back off to try again.”

“And now, I look like I don’t know,-.”

“It’s a nice shirt,” Craig said.

“I look like a nun,” she finished.

“You don’t look like a nun,” Craig scoffed.

“Well, I had it buttoned all the way up there, but-,” she said.

Craig smiled and said: “She started taking some buttons lose.”

“Loosen up a little,” the reporter said. “It’s Tuesday.”

Savannah laughed as Craig said: “She’s got three buttons undone. We’ll see by the time we hit seven o’clock.”

“Who knows?” Savannah shrugged.


Even though Hoda has been out this whole week, she still promoted other career ventures.

She got to interview former First Lady Michelle Obama for an episode of her podcast.

A bonus episode of Making Space with Hoda KotbHoda‘s podcast, dropped on Tuesday.

Carson announced it on Today during the PopStart segment.

Although Hoda was not on the show, he did tell Al, Craig, Savannah, Sheinelle, and the viewers at home, about who the special guest was.

“We’ve got some good news for fans of Hoda’s hit podcast. A bonus episode is out now,” Carson said.

“She caught up with former First Lady Michelle Obama, while she was out on tour, promoting her book, The Light We Carry.”

Carson continued: “And during that conversation Mrs. Obama shared some sweet words about former President Barack Obama and the lessons in love he taught her.”

The clip showed Michelle talking about her husband, saying that he always puts the people in his life first and shows up for people.

The host let everyone know that if they wanted to listen to the full episode, it was available wherever they get their podcasts.

Michelle and Hoda talked about having two girls, both being 58, and much more.

GettySavannah was also absent on Monday, and suffered a wardrobe malfunction the day after[/caption]

GettyHoda has been out on vacation all week and is expected to return on Monday[/caption]

NBCCraig and Sheinelle typically fill in when one of both of the hosts are out[/caption]

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