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The View’s Sunny Hostin shows off curves in snug brown dress at movie premiere after revealing new plastic surgery

The View’s Sunny Hostin shows off curves in snug brown dress at movie premiere after revealing new plastic surgery

THE View star Sunny Hostin has flaunted her curves in a skintight outfit during her appearance at a recent Hollywood event.

Sunny recently shared a snap of herself posing in a sexy body-hugging brown dress as she attended the film premiere for the 2023 movie Air on her Instagram account.

RexThe View’s Sunny Hostin shared a snap of her at a movie premiere in a snug dress on IG[/caption]

ABCThe ABC anchor stunned fans as she flaunted her curves in the skintight ensemble[/caption]

The 54-year-old anchor’s snug, long-sleeve dress accentuated her slim curves and made her waistline appear nonexistent.

Sunny’s ensemble was sorta low-cut; however, she wore what appeared to be a white tank top underneath to cover most of her cleavage.

The View panelist accessorized her look with necklaces, rings, and earrings.

The former CNN legal analyst captioned her Instagram post: “Go see this movie. It was fantastic. Just Do It. #AIRMOVIE.”

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Fans flooded the ABC personality’s comment section, praising her for her outfit choice and overall look.

“You are absolutely beautiful! [heart emojis],” one fan lauded.

Another added: “YASSSS!!!! SERVING LOOKS!!!!”

Other fans just left multiple fire emojis, implying that they thought she looked hot.

Sunny’s snap thoroughly flexed her new plastic surgery, which included facial work and a breast reduction.


During a discussion about Blac Chyna, 34, removing her plastic surgery fillers on a recent The View episode, Joy Behar, 80, and Sunny proudly admitted to getting a little nip/tuck.

“Just yesterday I had fillers and the other shots and something called clear and brilliant,” Joy shared unabashedly before joking: “How do you think I look so good for 115 years old?”

Turning serious once more, Joy detailed precisely what procedures she had done.

“Yesterday, they did a (procedure) that puts collagen back into your face,” she continued, pointing to her cheeks and forehead. “And they did, this, and this.

“Fabulous!” Joy exclaimed.

Not to be left out, Sunny blurted: “I had some Botox yesterday also. It works.”


In January, Joy delved into Sunny’s interview with PEOPLE, asking her to share her perspective on plastic surgery since she had discussed them with the publication on The View.

That’s when the TV star took the floor and explained anecdotally how her robust bosom caused her many issues, driving her straight to a plastic surgeon’s office.

Sunny explained that after she birthed her children Gabriel, 20, and Paloma, 16, her once DD-cup breasts went up to a G-cup.

On the show, Sunny exposed that she had been a DD-cup since she was 16.

The mother-of-two then divulged that “for years on the show,” she’s worn a “sports bra, a minimizer, and a binder all at the same time.”

Sunny elaborated that she wore all those things so she “could wear clothing” that she was “comfortable” in.

Upon describing her doctor’s visit, she motioned to her back and neck area, admitting that her surgeon asked if she wanted “to do lipo” in those areas.

Sunny proudly said that she told her doctor to “do it all” because she’s “54” and she wanted to be given what she’s “coming to get.”

The attorney confirmed that she’s now a “C-cup,” although she “wanted “B’s,” and she got her chin done.

Sunny didn’t get her breast cup lowered below a C-cup size like she wanted since her surgeon “didn’t think it was a good idea,” she professed.

Cutting to the chase, Joy boldly asked her how much her operation cost, to which Sunny responded: “It was over $30,000.”

GettyThe post came after Sunny revealed her plastic surgery procedures on The View[/caption]

GettyRecently Sunny admitted on the morning show that she had Botox done[/caption]

ABCBack in January Sunny opened up on The View about her breast reduction[/caption]

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