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The View’s Ana Navarro sparks concern as star reveals health issues after doctor’s appointment

The View’s Ana Navarro sparks concern as star reveals health issues after doctor’s appointment

ANA Navarro has concerned fans as the TV personality revealed health issues after a doctor’s appointment.

The View host provided the health update via an Instagram post on Wednesday.

ABCAna Navarro concerned her fans after the TV personality revealed health issues post a doctor’s appointment[/caption]

Instagram/ ananavarroflAna shared a selfie from inside the examination room of her eye doctor’s office[/caption]

Ana, 51, posted a pair of close-up, selfie photos at her optometrist’s office.

The first captured the masked morning show host in the office’s waiting room while the second showed Ana sitting in an examination chair.

The political strategist captioned the post: “Went to get my eyes checked today.”

She explained: “A few years ago, I had surgery to address a traumatic cataract on one eye. So lucky Miami has @bascompalmereye, the country’s #1 Eye Institute.

“The technician asked me if I could read, I defensively said, of course I could. He then gave me an eye exam and turned to me and said, ‘Girl, you can’t read shit’”

The 51-year-old then joked: “I had to confess to the 16-point bolded font on my IPad and taking pictures of menus and labels and enlarging them til I could read the ingredients.”

In the post’s comment section, one fan asked: “Did they say you [sic] have cat?”

She replied: “I had surgery on one several years ago, and have the beginning of one in other eye. But it has not gotten worse and not ready for surgery.”


Last week, Ana jokingly turned to fans for help after spending four days partying.

The morning show host documented the seemingly never-ending party and the toll it had taken on her body.

Ana had been celebrating an Indian wedding for several days at that point, documenting the staggered celebration online for her fans.

She recently shared a photo of herself reclining slightly while wearing a dress that featured a sequin top and black bottom.

Her hair was pulled back in an updo and she had a smile on her face.

The room she posed in was elaborately decorated; flowers hung from the ceiling, there were candles lit all around, and there appeared to be floral arrangements on the floor as well.

Her caption read: “Day 4 of Indian Wedding. Please send an [ambulance].”

Prior to her post, fans had expressed concern after noticing that she had been partying a lot recently.

Ana herself seemed to suggest that it was taking a toll on her.

Along with snaps of all the fun, she shared some insight into how she was feeling.


One day before her party photo, Ana insisted she would be “staying in bed” after three days of celebrating.

She shared a photo of herself cuddled up with her dog Cha Cha, rocking makeup running down her face and a tired expression.

“@chacha_cardenas and I gonna be in bed all day, until I have to get up for Day 4 of #sharikaandjonathan Indian Wedding,” Ana captioned the post.

“Today, is the actual traditional ceremony. I’m very excited and have a new-found respect for the stamina and organization skills of Indian brides and families. Y’all, this is a marathon of celebrations. One more beautiful than the other.”

The View panelist then went on to say that she isn’t doing anything next week.

“I swear, next week I’m not participating in any social activities that require lashes and/or spanx. I mean it, this time.”

Fans took to the comments to tell her to “rest up” and “enjoy the wedding.”

Instagram/ ananavarroflAna updated her fans on her eye health as she responded to one of her followers’ comments[/caption]

Instagram/ ananavarroflAna admitted to taking photos of menus and labels to later enlarge them so that she could read the print[/caption]

Instagram/ ananavarroflAna jokingly asked her followers for help after partying non-stop during a recent wedding celebration[/caption]

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