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Sister Wives spinoff Seeking Brother Husband star Kenya reveals she has ‘NO limits’ to number of husbands she will take

Sister Wives spinoff Seeking Brother Husband star Kenya reveals she has ‘NO limits’ to number of husbands she will take

TLC has a new show premiering this week called Seeking Brother Husband, and one of the stars plans on dating several new men.

The first episode of Seeking Brother Husband premieres this Saturday on TLC, and it could get wild.

TLCTLC is airing a new show this weekend called Seeking Brother Husband[/caption]

TLCOne star of the show, Kenya, revealed he has no limit to the number of men she would be with[/caption]

To tease the show, the network posted the trailer, and some of the women who star in the show had some surprising points of view.

One woman, Kenya, took the starring role in the show’s trailer and explained what polyandry is.

As she sat in between her two partners, she said: “Polyandry is one woman having multiple husbands.”

Later in the trailer, she states: “There is no limit on the number of brother husbands one can have,” with a giant smile on her face.

While Kenya looks perfectly happy positioned in between her two handsome men named Carl and Tiger, the men don’t even fake a smile in the confessional interview.

She finished by explaining: “It’s not rocket science! We all love attention and love.”


After TLC posted the trailer, fans and critics of the network had a lot to say about the premise of the show and whether or not it should be on television.

One commented: “This has nothing to do with love and everything to do with wanting more nooky than one person can give you. It’s ATTEMPTING to put an air of normalcy on what amounts to swinging. Want to swing? Your business. Just don’t try to call it marriage.”

Another said: “It’s NOT called love, it’s called LUST. The more the merrier something going to go wrong at some point. SICKENING.”

A third said: “We saw how Sister Wives turned out. I expect the same for this one. I won’t be watching this train wreck though, it’s getting ridiculous and offensive.”

Other fans of the network seem to be very excited to watch the show.

One commented: “The guys will get so jealous and there will be drama, they won’t want to share their girl if they’re normal. This will be interesting.”

Another said: “Definitely want to see this, as there have been enough sister wives shows and seasons!”

Someone else wrote: “Looks like a disaster to me, but I will give it a watch,” with laughing emojis.


TLC started to market this show soon after Sister Wives’ Kody Brown got dropped by three of his four wives, leaving him with his youngest wife Robyn.

Christine was the first of Kody’s ex-wives to announce a new partner after Meri and Janelle also left the polygamist in December 2022.

Although her relationship with Kody is over, Christine will star in the upcoming 18th season of Sister Wives, which is currently being filmed.

TLCCritics of the show called it ‘sickening’ and criticized the women for wanting to marry several men[/caption]

TLCOther fans are excited to see the show in all its glory, even though one thinks it will be a ‘disaster’[/caption]

TLCThe show was announced after three of Kody Brown’s wives left him[/caption]

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