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1000-lb Sisters fans slam Amy Slaton for ‘appalling’ behavior at Tammy’s wedding and making big day ‘all about her’

1000-lb Sisters fans slam Amy Slaton for ‘appalling’ behavior at Tammy’s wedding and making big day ‘all about her’

AMY Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters has been called out online for her bad behavior at her sister’s wedding.

As the bride and groom, Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham, sipped on non-alcoholic bubbly, Amy gave her speech.

TLCAmy Slaton gave a speech at Tammy’s wedding during the season three finale[/caption]

TLCDuring her speech, Amy acted intoxicated and forgot her brother-in-law’s last name[/caption]

She started with the full bottle of non-alcoholic wine in her hand, and she periodically swung it around like she was drunk. She also drank straight from the bottle.

In a confessional, even Tammy called her sister out for taking the “fake wine” and acting like it got her drunk.

After a swig, Amy started her speech: “Um, you’ve always been my big sister. We’ve always been Amy and Tammy, Amy and Tammy, the Slaton sisters.

“And now it’s like, Amy Halterman and Tammy – what was your last name? I’m sorry.”

Tammy then reminds her sister that her husband’s last name is Willingham and everyone in the room gave an awkward chuckle.

In her confessional interview, Amy continued: “We were the Slaton sisters, and now I’m a Halterman and she’s a Willingham.

With tears streaming down her face, the 1000-lb Sisters star said: “It’s a little, you know, it’s not us no more. We’re not the Slaton sisters.”


After seeing the cringeworthy speech Amy gave at the wedding, fans of the TLC show couldn’t help but gossip about it on a popular forum for the show.

One said: “Amy was such a mess during this episode.”

Another admitted: “I couldn’t finish watching, seeing Amy make the speech about her was so cringe I couldn’t take it.”

A third chimed in: “Amy’s behavior at the reception was appalling. She made her wedding speech mostly about herself and Tammy was a side note. Disappointed in her.”

Someone else said: “I couldn’t believe when she added the fart comment at the end of the speech as if the whole speech wasn’t awful enough. I wanted to slap some sense into her when she was on the floor of a d**n nursing facility.”

One fan gave her a pass: “We all know Michael just filed for divorce from Amy. I’m just thinking how hard it must have been to be at Tammy’s wedding while knowing your own marriage was falling apart. I give Amy somewhat of a pass.”


First, The U.S. Sun exclusively reported that Amy and her husband Michael Halterman quietly split after five years of marriage.

A source also exclusively told The U.S. Sun that Amy felt frustrated as she continued to care for her children Gage, two, and Glenn, eight months, without help from Michael.

A source claimed Amy was “struggling emotionally” with the split from her husband, and she was “feeling overwhelmed” despite the support from Tammy.

This week, the rumors of a split were confirmed by The U.S. Sun which revealed that Michael officially filed for dissolution of marriage with children against Amy, according to Kentucky court documents.

Although Amy did not take legal action at first, she moved out of their shared family home and in with Tammy, taking the children with her.

TLCFans called Amy out for her bad behavior and said it was ‘cringe’[/caption]

Instagram Tammy SlatonStill, one fan gave Amy a pass because her marriage wasn’t in a good place[/caption]

TLCAmy and her husband Michael filed the paperwork for divorce this month[/caption]

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