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Kourtney Kardashian reveals behind-the-scenes look of filming for third season of family’s Hulu show in new photo

Kourtney Kardashian reveals behind-the-scenes look of filming for third season of family’s Hulu show in new photo

KOURTNEY Kardashian has taken to social media to give fans a sneak peek of filming for the upcoming season of The Kardashians.

Recently Kourtney took to Instagram to show a snap from behind the scenes of her famous family’s Hulu show.

Kourtney Kardashian took to social media to share a clip from BTS of The KardashiansThe Hulu star gave fans insight into the filming process of the show on her Stories

The Poosh founder shared a snap of her holding a microphone labeled “Khloe” on what appeared to be a bed on her Instagram Stories.

The 43-year-old had an up-close shot of the lavalier mic she held in her hand, giving fans insight into the intricacies of filming a reality show.

Kourtney tagged Erin Paxton, an audio supervisor for the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s reality shows, in her Stories as she gave her a shoutout.

“@erinpaxton strikes again,” she wrote as she also tagged her 38-year-old sister, since she was holding her mic, in the Story.

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The mom of three wasn’t the only Kardashian sibling who took to social media to give fans a look at the production process of their Hulu show.

Last month, Kourtney’s younger sister Kim, 42, shared a snap of herself busting out of a skintight black tank top while she was filming a confessional for an upcoming season on Instagram.

The snap was a picture of the camera that captured the footage for the Hulu production.

On the video camera screen that was photographed, the Skims founder sat on a couch sporting a body-gripping tank top that was very low cut.

The mom-of-four’s boobs almost poured out of her top as her chiseled chest glowed under the show lights.

Kim’s sculpted jawline was very apparent since her hair was slicked back into a bun on the camera; she captioned the Story, “season 3.”


In the snap the TV personality posted on her Stories, her upper body appeared toned, and her face was acutely angular, especially her jawline.

Last month the billionaire’s followers claimed that her jaw looked significantly more pronounced than usual in snaps taken at an event late in 2022.

Just last week, fans of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum were convinced that she had a procedure on her jaw after she posted promo snaps on Instagram.

Kim wore a pair of white Skims in the hot photos and smoldered at the camera.

She showed off her messy, long, dark hair and slim waist.

Kim captioned her sexy photos: “From me to you.”


Kim’s critics took to an online forum to attempt to pinpoint what was different with her face.

One fan commented: “What did she do?! I mean, she looks fire. But I can never pinpoint what exactly she had done.”

Another said: “Last pic looks like a different person.”

Yet a third shared: “New face, who dis?”

A fourth fan boldly guessed: “Nasalobial fold filler and botox + top lip filler.”

However, Kim has denied getting plastic surgery and had admitted to only a little botox on her forehead.


Last Friday, fans had already noticed Kim’s changing facial features.

On Thursday of that week, a few snaps of Kim were shared on the Instagram page of the jewelry brand Messika.

The Hulu notable was part of a Messika brand promotion, and in all of the photos, she wore the company’s Heart Shaped rivière diamond necklace.

Kim’s face appeared sharp in the snaps, and her jawline looked very angular.

Also, her cheeks curved inward profoundly, which made them appear even more hollowed out.

Online, one fan pointed out: “The structure of her face literally changed. And that was the thing she was most praised for before.”

Another asked: “Could someone post a side-by-side of this and an older picture? She looks so completely different…”

Kourtney tagged the audio supervisor for her family’s show in her postKourtney isn’t the only Kardashian sibling to share BTS snaps on her Instagram StoriesKourtney’s sister Kim has also shared a snap of her BTS of the Hulu show online

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