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1000-lb Sisters fans praise Amy Slaton as a ‘good mom’ after she shares sweet video of sons following split from husband

1000-lb Sisters fans praise Amy Slaton as a ‘good mom’ after she shares sweet video of sons following split from husband

AMY Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters has posted a new video of her sons that led to her being praised for being a good mom by her fans.

Amy posted the video on TikTok, and it gave her fans a glimpse into her daily life.

TikTok/amyhalterman87Amy Slaton posted a new TikTok video of her two sons[/caption]

TikTok/amyhalterman87Her two young boys were both taking naps in Tammy’s living room[/caption]

Her new son Glenn, eight months, is shown napping in an electric baby bassinet that is rocking him back and forth to lull him to sleep.

Gage, two, is then seen lying on Amy’s chest taking a nap as a lullaby plays in the background.

The family is in Amy’s sister Tammy Slaton’s living room.

A ton of 1000-lb Sisters fans flooded the video’s comment section with support for the mother of two.

One said: “YOU ARE A GREAT MAMA! Never doubt yourself!”

Another wrote: “Stay strong Amy! You got this!”

A third commented: “I love watching your shows. You’re an awesome mommy.”


Before Glenn was born, Amy was shown on the TLC show having a breakdown due to the fear of being a bad mother.

The emotional moment occurred when she was scheduled to give birth to Glenn the very next day.

Amy said: “Being a good mom, that’s my goal in life. Growing up, I didn’t have a good example.”

She appears to be determined to be the mother she didn’t have, but she’s riddled with fears of not being good enough for her sons.

In a confessional with her half-sister Amanda, the reality star breaks down in tears over these fears saying: “I want to be a good mom to Gage that everything I do for him I’m like, is this the right call?”

Once Amanda sees her sister’s tears, she told Amy: “Don’t you ever doubt yourself. Honey, you’re not a bad mom. They don’t come with instruction manuals.

“Believe me, when you mess up, your sisters and your brother will let you know. You know that. But that has never come out of our mouth.”

Amy then confesses that her worries stem from her own inner turmoil and insecurities, not from other people.

Amy goes on to talk about her firstborn Gage and says: “I wanna give him the best life he ever had. Because we didn’t.”


After months of struggling and arguing, Amy’s husband Michael Halterman filed for divorce.

The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal that Michael filed for dissolution of marriage with children against Amy on March 13, according to Kentucky court documents.

The U.S. Sun previously reported in February that Amy and Michael were headed toward divorce, but no legal action had occurred until now.

Amy already moved out of their shared family home with her kids and into Tammy’s home.

At the time, a source told The U.S. Sun that Amy and Michael had been secretly arguing for months over whether or not the boys should be on the reality show.

According to the insider, Amy wants her kids to continue starring on the show, but Michael doesn’t want his sons to be on camera at all.

The source said: “[Michael] doesn’t want the kids to be on the show, but Amy disagrees. They have been fighting over this for months.”

The insider also said Amy and her family consider Michael to be “lazy” with childcare, and they felt he was “jealous” over all the attention Amy gave to the kids.

InstagramFans flooded Amy’s comments with motherly support[/caption]

instagram/amyslaton_haltermanIn the past. Amy has shared that she’s afraid of being a bad mom[/caption]

Instagram/amyslaton_haltermanAmy’s husband Michael officially filed for divorce last week[/caption]

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