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Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak left speechless after all three players suffer the same fate in brutal round

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak left speechless after all three players suffer the same fate in brutal round

WHEEL of Fortune fans were in for a painful saga of bad spins on Monday’s episode.

Host Pat Sajak stood idly by after all three contestants landed on a bankrupt wedge in a row – and the bad luck kept coming.

ABCIn a rare event, all three contestants spun into a bankrupt back-to-back[/caption]

ABCPat Sajak had nothing to say and wildly enough, it got worse[/caption]

Game show fans were shocked by the rare event which had the Wheel of Fortune audience audibly gasping.

First, Julie spun the wheel for the new puzzle under the category “Event.”

She hit the bankruptcy and smiled through it as Pat, 76, assured: “Well Julie, you’ve had a bad run here but you’ll be fine.”

Then it was Tonisha who landed on the feared wedge next.

“Hmm,” Pat said in slight surprise, “Well, same speech for you.”

And then it was Andrew who spun and landed on the dreaded wedge – the third time, the audience gasped.

By then, Pat was seemingly out of words and stood by with his arms crossed while the contestants just smiled nervously at each other.

“Well, start again!” Andrew sweetly encouraged his two competitors as a wide shot of all three with no money showed.

Then, Julie guessed an S and there was no S – Tamisha guessed a T and there no T either.


Finally, and on the sixth spin with a new contestant going each time, Andrew broke the dry spell by landing on an N.

The audience was excited since he landed on an express wedge, but tragically, on he other side of it was yet another bankruptcy.

“Well, that’s a terrible thing to do to you!” Pat admitted.

Then it was Julie’s turn again and she landed on a “Lose a Turn.”

“Wow,” Andrew just whispered as the crowd went cold.

After one money-adding spin of eight spins, the stagnancy ended.

But fans were just left in pain and could not believe how badly the round went for quite a long while.


One Twitter user roasted: “I bet Pat gets a bonus for every bankrupt.”

Another person remarked: “3 players landing on the Bankrupt in a single round. Why does this remind me of what happened several years ago?”


By the end of the episode, Tonisha went to the bonus round but couldn’t guess “Awesome Digital Photos” – quite a lengthy solve – under the category “Things.”

She winced having lost an extra $40K.

Fans were not loving this puzzle as one wrote: “WheelOfFortune showing its puzzle writers’ age again. Nobody under 60 says “Awesome Digital Photos.”

And another tweeted: “What a bunch of crap ‘awesome digital photo.’ Sure, I say that all the time!”


Contestant Elizabeth Sanchez told all to The U.S. Sun after competing on March 6th’s episode.

She was the big winner with $19,100 and went to the bonus round, choosing “around the house” as her category and four additional letters of “J, Y, O, and H”.

The two-word puzzle read: “__N_Y J_R”

She guessed: “Jar…funny jar…” but couldn’t get to “Candy Jar.”

Elizabeth did not mince words about whether she thought “Candy Jar” was fair as fitting the category.

This especially hurt since she had earlier revealed her 2-year-old “wanted a car for her new car seat” the prize turned out to be a Chevy which she told The Sun she was “manifesting” and earnestly in the market for.

“I have mixed feelings about it. I honestly for me did not think that was going to be the final puzzle.

She exclusively said: “I know a lot of people that don’t necessarily have candy jars at home.

“That’s the reason why I automatically thought it was either ‘honey or money.’ But once I saw the H and O didn’t light up I didn’t bother to say money.”

“I mean, when I think of a candy jar I think of a convenience store that used to sell ten-cent candy or even a pharmacy or a doctor’s office.”

“But even then a doctor’s office is like a candy dish – you don’t necessarily have a Candy Jar.”

When it lit up I was like it’s so easy why didn’t get that, but I also did tell myself, well who has a Candy Jar in their house? Are they trying to be tricky?”

Elizabeth also had some sage wisdom for how different it is watching versus playing.

ABCAfter the 3-for-3 bankrupts, Andrew then found an express wedge which painfully had another bankrupt on the other side[/caption]

ABCThe round went so poorly that he told his fellow contestants: ‘Wow’[/caption]

Fans also called the episode’s stumper bonus puzzle – looking for ‘Awesome Digital Photos’ a ‘bunch of crap’

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