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Live fans angry over ‘unacceptable’ aspect of Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest’s show & insists they’re ‘done’ with program

Live fans angry over ‘unacceptable’ aspect of Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest’s show & insists they’re ‘done’ with program

LIVE fans have taken to social media to rip hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest for an “unacceptable” aspect of their recent morning show.

Monday’s broadcast of Live! with Kelly & Ryan had fans bothered to the point where some insisted that they were “done” with the program.

ABCFans were outraged by today’s show and slammed hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest[/caption]

During today’s episode, Kelly, 52, and Ryan, 48, energetically danced to their seats, taking their rightful place at their desk as they do each morning.

Everything about this Live! show was in-line with their standard daily episodic set-up, except for one thing.

Monday’s episode wasn’t filmed live.

Almost a minute into the show, the text “previously recorded” popped up toward the bottom of the screen in all caps.

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Many fans were outraged that the show, which is supposed to be aired live, was prerecorded, taking to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

“@LiveKellyRyan another “previously recorded” [face palm emojis],” one fan tweeted.

Another tweeted: “@LiveKellyRyan another boring without audience, pre-recorded episode. Done!!!”

Someone else tweeted: “Take “Live” out of your title!,” calling out the show for not being shot live like that the title states.

An additional critic ranted on Twitter: “@LiveKellyRyan why call it Live anymore. About only 2 shows a week are live.

“That’s why there is no more audience. When Mark takes over as a couple, days live will be even less for all the days they will be taking off together.”


Not only did ABC air a prerecorded show of Live! this week, but they also did so for the morning show’s special anniversary episode last year.

The fifth anniversary pre-recorded special came just days after Live! aired its premiere.

Kelly and Ryan were all dressed up and looked to be ready to welcome their supposed live audience.

However, viewers learned that the broadcast had the word “pre-recorded” in the bottom corner of the screen,

One angry view raged: “Wow three days live and then back to pre-recorded. Can we get new hosts who are actually live every day or reruns of Regis and Kathie Lee who were always live?”

“So why is it called Live with Kelly and Ryan if the shows are prerecorded?” asked another.

A third commented: “Why are most of your shows now prerecorded? It’s really not Live with Kelly and Ryan at all.”


That was not the first time an episode of Live! has been pre-recorded.

Fans have accused the program of faking episodes, leading to anger toward Kelly and Ryan.

In August, Live aired a mix of old and new episodes for two weeks in a row as Kelly was off for vacation.

The August 26 episode was the “2021 edition of the show’s highly anticipated Halloween extravaganza [with] singer Nick Lachey joining in” aired.

This shocked viewers, as it was not only old but also was not even pegged to the Halloween season, instead airing during the summer.

“Haven’t watched Kelly and Ryan in a long time,” one surprised viewer wrote on social media. “What is going on with todays episode?”

They added: “The costume themed plot is interesting to say the least.”

Another blasted: “Please consider renaming the show Kelly and Ryan to ‘Previously Recorded’ since that’s all your showing and pretending otherwise.”

“Anyone else tired of this show always pre-recorded and one or the other not on,” one upset fan asked.

ABCLive fans were bothered that ABC aired a prerecorded morning show episode[/caption]

ABCThis wasn’t the first time that a prerecorded episode of Live was aired on ABC[/caption]

ABCLast year the anniversary episode of Live was prerecorded and aired on the network[/caption]

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