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Today’s weekend host Peter Alexander is missing from morning show and goes silent on social media

Today’s weekend host Peter Alexander is missing from morning show and goes silent on social media

THE Today Show’s weekend host, Peter Alexander, has gone missing from the show.

On Saturday, he was nowhere to be found as his co-host, Kristen Welker, sat at the desk with Joe Fryer.

NBCPeter Welker was absent from Today Weekend on Saturday with no explanation[/caption]

NBCKristen Welker, instead, sat with Joe Fryer, the weekend features anchor[/caption]

Kristen typically hosts the Saturday edition of Today with Peter.

She is also a White House correspondent for NBC.

Peter is the Chief White House Correspondent, alongside Today, and occasionally fills in for hosts on weekdays, if need be.

However, he did not attend one of his jobs this weekend as Joe Fryer took his seat at the desk.

Joe is the features weekend reporter and also works for NBC Nightly News and MSNBC.

He delivers the POPStart segment on Saturdays, a job that is held by Carson Daly during the week.

As for Peter, no explanation was given for his absence.

The host also went social media silent, with his last post on Instagram on March 8.

He also hasn’t tweeted since March 15.


Kristen and Peter filled in for the main hostsSavannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb– during the holidays.

Craig MelvinSheinelle JonesCarson Daly, and Al Roker were not on the show either.

They were there for two whole weeks as the main anchors took some time off, and returned in the new year.

The only regular host who showed up was meteorologist Dylan Dreyer.

During that time, the fill-in hosts were joined by Jacob Soboroff.


The fill-ins, however, had fun on while on the air as Jacob and Dylan poked fun at their co-host Craig and his dance moves while he was on vacation.

As the hosts closed out a segment, Kristen commented: “Oh, that’s perfect for Craig, he’s got the good moves.”

“What Craig Melvin are you talking about?” Jacob asked, as Dylan bursted out laughing.

“I don’t know, he can move!” Kristen defended Craig.

Jacob, laughing, confessed: “I shouldn’t throw stones.”

He was previously busted for his wild moves on live TV over the summer.

Instagram/@kristen.welkerThe hosts filled in for the main hosts over the holidays for two weeks[/caption]

NBCFans got used to the hosts, and loved that Jacob Soboroff was featured more[/caption]

NBCPeter occasionally hosts the weekday show, if a fill-in is needed[/caption]

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