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Today’s Al Roker and wife Deborah spend ‘cozy’ winter weekend inside relaxing amid host’s health issues

Today’s Al Roker and wife Deborah spend ‘cozy’ winter weekend inside relaxing amid host’s health issues

TODAY’s Al Roker and wife Deborah have opted to spend their weekend inside spending time together.

The pair decided to opt out of the hustle and bustle of city life for the weekend and had a low-key, relaxing time over the weekend.

Al Roker and wife Deborah decided to have a nice, comfortable weekend at homeGetty ImagesThe pair shared snaps of some of what they got up to, including Deborah in a pair of cozy socksInstagram

That meant lounging around the house, enjoying good food, cozying up to the fire, and wearing comfy clothes.

Al took to Instagram to share a sandwich creation he enjoyed by the fire at home.

He captioned his photo: “Time for a #saturdaysandwich #gorgonzola #turkey #ham #calabrianpeppers #tomato and #arugula with @kewpieusa #mayonnaise on a #baguette”

The sandwich was piled high with a crispy baguette, positioned in front of a roaring fireplace.

He also made one for Deborah, which she shared to Instagram.

The journalist also did some light flower arrangement and showed off some images of flowers in vases.

She also shared a snap of herself wearing cozy socks, green with reindeer on them.

She wrote: “If there is anything better than cozy socks I don’t know it!”

Meanwhile, Deborah posted a photo of the forest, covered in snow, wishing for spring.

She wrote: “Waning winter wonder. (Sure hope so). Come on spring! In the meantime, wishing you a moment of deep breathing. #saturdayvibes”

Deborah also shared photos of a roaring fireplace and the ashes once it had been extinguished, setting the stage for an extremely cozy weekend.


Meanwhile, Deborah has put women half her age to shame with her gym routine.

The 62-year-old journalist has been working hard all year, and has the rock-hard abs to prove it.

Deborah kicked off 2023 by admitting it was “time for a reset” as she headed to the gym following her Today host husband’s health struggles.

She shared several videos of herself being put through her paces by a trainer.

The ABC News journalist did weights and a core workout with a balance ball, before focusing on her abs.

Deborah marked the end of her grueling routine with a selfie outside the gym, which she captioned: “Same me… but different!”

She shared the clips on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday and captioned them: “Time for a reset.

“It’s been a minute but it’s time. Selfcare is healthcare.”

And that was just the start of her major fitness makeover.


Last month, Deborah brought fans with her on an adventure in exercising.

“Good morning, happy Friday,” she told the camera as she headed to her workout. “Let’s end this week on a strong note, shall we?”

Through a series of Instagram Stories, Deborah showed off her cardio routine, push-up skills, cowbell technique and other exercises.

She even conquered the dreaded battle ropes while standing on just one leg.

At the end of her exhausting workout, she shared some positivity: “Friday finish!! Wishing you strength!”

Deborah has been showing off her strength by hitting the gym often since recovering from being sick.

Last month, she shared a video on Instagram of herself walking outside, heading to the gym.

“It’s that time again,” she told followers. “Time to work out!”

She then shared a photo of her trainer and insisted there’s “no turning back now.”

“But thinking of sidestepping,” Deborah joked, as she literally side-stepped on a Bosu ball for some balance and cardio training.

In another clip from her training, Al’s wife bench-pressed 20-pound weights in each hand,

She posted multiple videos of herself getting the move in from different angles.

Other clips saw the GMA contributor working out her abs, both on the bench and on the floor.

“Let’s bring the knees up,” her trainer could be heard telling her as she did mountain climbers with her feet on a Bosu ball and her forearms on a foam roller.

Al made a delicious sandwich and shared another with DeborahInstagramDeborah showed off some flowers she placed in vases over the weekendInstagramThe pair also enjoyed plenty of time by the roaring fireInstagram

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