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The View’s Sara Haines mocks co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin’s dance moves in awkward on-air show moment

The View’s Sara Haines mocks co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin’s dance moves in awkward on-air show moment

SARA Haines has mocked her View co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin, for her awkward dance moves during the live show.

Alyssa talked about how she didn’t go out an party in her 20s, and Sara told her she looked like Elaine from Seinfeld.

ABCSara Haines mocked her co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin’s dance moves on live TV[/caption]

ABCAlyssa put her arms in front of her and moved them in a circle[/caption]

On Thursday’s show, The View panel talked about friendships changing over time, and getting rid of the friends that are no longer good for you.

“Have you ever just let some people fade from your life?” Whoopi Goldberg, 67, asked, opening up the discussion.

They all said yes, and then Alyssa, 33, elaborated on it more.

“Conversation over,” she said.

“Yeah,” Whoopi shrugged.

But Alyssa continued anyway: “No, but there’s kind of two ways.”

“I’ve done sort of the natural detox, where over time, you kind of just gravitate different ways.”

She continued: “I think in my 20s, I was like Sunny, I didn’t really party in college, and didn’t really have fun.”

“But, my 20s in DC, that was my going out period,” Alyssa said, as she did a dance move with her arms.

“But there were friends that I realized-.”

Sara, 45, interrupted her by laughing.

“You know, I was cool,” Alyssa said, moving in arms in front of her in a circle again.

“Can you do that dance again please?” Sara asked.

Alyssa continued to do the move, as her co-host said: “Come on, Elaine.”

She referenced Elaine from the show, Seinfeld, who also had bad and outrageous dance moves.

Then, Joy Behar delivered an insult to Sara and said: “It takes one to know one.”

The women then continued the discussion and they seemed to agree with most of what the other hosts said.


However, in February, Alyssa got Sara back as she threw at her on live TV.

Alyssa took a shady swipe at co-host Sara when the panelists discussed online culture.

During the show, the ABC anchors got on the topic of age-appropriate ways to respond to messages since they were evaluating a media outlet’s “social media etiquette” rules.

Bringing up a point on the list that she found bothersome, Sara admitted, “I took offense to… ‘people over 30 need to stop using GIFS in replies.’

From Sara’s perspective, older people have just as much of a right to utilize GIFs, Graphics Interchange Formats, as younger generations, which her co-host Sunny, 54, agreed with.

Sara explained: “Sometimes a GIF says it way better than anything…”

Since Sara pronounced the “G” in GIF with a soft G, the former press secretary interjected to correct her, telling her that GIF was pronounced with a “hard G.”

A seemingly embarrassed Sara responded, “I thought it was GIF like peanut butter [Jif]; now you just proved their point…”

Poking fun at the Smith College alum, Alyssa shadily told her that she was “clearly over 30.”

The Patrick Henry College alum attempted to soften the jab, laughingly sayin: “I’m just kidding.”


Although the hosts take jabs at each other on live TV, they do also have moments where they get along very long.

Back in January, Alyssa admitted that her husband, Justin, has a crush on Sara.

Sara raised eyebrows after she was spotted appearing to flirt with Justin on Instagram.

She promoted the television quiz show, The Chase.

The host announced that the game show, which she hosts, will be “back tonight with the season premiere.”

Sara continued to sell viewers on the show, stating: “It’s something you can watch with your family. It’s an awesome, kind of, heart-racing show.”

With Sara’s pitch complete, Whoopi attempted to close out the episode but not before their co-host, Alyssa, provided her own review of the trivia show.

The former political strategist revealed: “I love The Chase. My husband and I started watching The Chase and now he has a crush on Sara Haines.”

She then quipped: “Which was a mistake on my part.”

Sara emphatically replied: “Which I Instagram commented on him!”

Alyssa disclosed to her co-hosts: “And now the internet thinks they’re leaving me.”

Joy, 80, joked: Oh now this show’s getting interesting,” much to the delight of The View’s audience.

ABCSara said her moves looked like Elaine’s from Seinfeld[/caption]

ABCAlyssa got on board with it and kept doing bad dance moves in her seat[/caption]

ABCThe entire View panel laughed at Alyssa’s moves and Sara’s comments[/caption]

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