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The View’s Ana Navarro flaunts figure in low-cut sexy black gown as fans praise how ‘fabulous’ host looks in new photos

The View’s Ana Navarro flaunts figure in low-cut sexy black gown as fans praise how ‘fabulous’ host looks in new photos

THE View anchor Ana Navarro has flaunted her sleek figure in sexy black formal attire on social media.

Fans praised Ana for how “fabulous” she looked after she shared a few pictures of herself in an attention-grabbing gown on Instagram.

Instagram/ananavarroflThe View’s Ana Navarro flaunted her figure in a sexy black gown on social media[/caption]

Instagram/ananavarroflAna shared a few snaps of her with her hubby Al Cárdenas and their pet dog Cha Cha[/caption]

The View co-host placed two posts dedicated to showing off her lavish outfit on her Instagram account.

One of the posts was a photo dump of the 51-year-old posing with her tuxedo-wearing husband Al Cárdenas, 75, and their pet dog Cha Cha.

While the other was a closer-up selfie shot of Ana smizing, appearing to flaunt her gorgeous glam.

The TV star’s social media slide show captured the entirety of her gown, displaying the floor-length, off-the-shoulder, low-cut halter gown in all its glory.

Ana’s waist appeared slim, and her cleavage perky in the gown as it flowed over her trimmed-down hips.

The political strategist kept her look clean, wearing minimal jewelry with her look.

Ana and her hubby looked up at the camera with a smile in each photo of the carousel post, except for one where they looked down at Cha Cha.

Ana captioned that post of her and her family: “My life in three pics. @chacha_cardenas demanding her place.”

In the solo snap that Ana shared of her from the special night outing, her makeup looked seamless.

Her porcelain skin was matte, her satin red lipstick was unbudged, and her silver and black eye makeup was crafted flawlessly.

Ana pointed to her red lips in the picture, which matched her fingernail polish.

She captioned the selfie: “I rarely wear color on my lips. I’m a neutrals/nudes type of person.

“Wearing bright red lips is waaaay out of my comfort zone. Feels a little too extra for my 51 year-old face…”


Fans flooded both Ana’s photo dump and selfie post with compliments, praising the ABC anchor’s look.

“You are looking spectacular, Ana hubby & chacha look great too!!!,” one fan lauded.

“You look gorgeous Ana! And a handsome husband at your side…,” another cosigned.

One fan commented on her selfie post: “There is nothing better than a red lip, you should own it.

“With your stunning skin and face along with your intelligence, and vibrant personality I think it’s perfect.”

Other fans noted Ana’s apparent weight loss.

A fan exclaimed on one of her posts: “Wow look at that clavicle bone!!!!”


Back in January, The View notable opened up about her dieting attempts and how she kept off the pounds.

The star took to Instagram to share how she stayed healthy on airplane food, spending 14 to 16 hours a week commuting between her Miami home and The View studios in New York.

Ana posted a photo of a colorful meal spread on her Instagram.

Her airplane meal included grains, greens, and root veggies.

Ana gushed: “One of the many little conscious life-changes I’ve made to lose weight is to buy a salad at airport or pre-order the healthy meal on American Air.

“Pre-ordering means I’m stuck with my choice and don’t fall into temptation.”

Ana continued to divulge: “Truthfully, I don’t love it. I’ve also stopped drinking alcohol on planes. It adds up for me, since I usually spend 14-16 hours a week on a plane.”

Instagram/ananavarroflAna also shared a solo selfie of herself on social media as well[/caption]

InstagramMany fans praised Ana for her slimmed-down frame and stylish outfit on Instagram[/caption]

ABCAna opened up in the past about her diet and how it helped her shed pounds[/caption]

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