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Sister Wives star Christine Brown shows off thinner face as she continues to shed the pounds after finding new love

Sister Wives star Christine Brown shows off thinner face as she continues to shed the pounds after finding new love

SISTER Wives star Christine Brown has flaunted her thinner face after months of weight loss.

In a new video shared to her Instagram Stories, Christine’s face looked noticeably thinner.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown showed off a much thinner face in a recent Instagram videoInstagramChristine has been steadily losing weight since her breakup with ex-husband Kody BrownGetty Images

In her most recent clip, Christine spent some time with David and daughter Truely.

Christine grinned wide and showed off her shrunken figure while sitting in the passenger side of an ATV.

She looked especially thin in her latest video as well as some of her more recent photos.

Just a day prior, Christine posed with David in the middle of Utah and showed off her slim new frame in another snapshot.

As she and David have steadily spent more time together, Christine has shown off a much thinner figure.

Fans have noted that each of the three Sister Wives who have since left Kody Brown have been “glowing,” Christinie included.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has also been dramatically losing weight, and is now over 100 pounds down.


Meanwhile, Christine’s daughter Truely bit new boyfriend David during an ATV ride.

Christine, 50, filmed the family trip while out on the road.

The Sister Wives star shared the clip to her Instagram account.

Inside, she was seated with David and daughter Truely, 12, in the back.

“We’re in David’s Razor, it’s absolutely stunning and beautiful, and David basically says it’s like Disneyland with no rides!”

David interjected, saying “Ah, she just bit me!”

Truely wore a mischievous grin as she had chomped on David’s hand moments prior.

She giggled as she panned the camera back to daughter Truely in the backseat.

“Really, Truely? Be nice to David!” Christine joked.

“No,” Truely replied.

Christine gave an awkward “Okay” as she moved the camera back to the front seat with David.

“This is the most fun ever! Seriously, I love it,” Christine said as she showed off snow on one side of the area and sun on the other.

Truely moved over to grin into the camera between Christine and David’s seats.

Fans weren’t pleased with Truely’s behavior and took it as a worrying sign for Christine and David’s relationship.

One asked: “Why did she bite him?”

Another commented: “I have to say, his reaction was calm and he just laughed it off. I felt like that was a good sign.”

A third wrote: “Does anyone think this is too much too fast? For Christine and Truely? I know the show is a year (or more) behind, but I hope there was some settling time before jumping into another relationship. I’m 100% team Christine.”

A fourth shared: “Not too fast for Christine but too fast for Truely. My parents divorced when I was 16 and I wouldn’t have wanted to be around any of their love interests but all kids are different.”


Meanwhile, Christine has thrown some subtle shade at her ex-husband Kody in a new Instagram post with her new beau.

Christine posed with her partner, David Woolley, in front of a scenic vista with the sun and mountains behind them.

Christine captioned her photo: “Life is short, why not take a wonderful weekend get away for some fun new adventures. I love having a partner to go on these fun new adventures with. We could not get enough of the gorgeous views. Utah is a beautiful place, there are so many secrets to explore.”

This comment included some subtle shade at ex-husband Kody as Christine was the first of his four wives to split from him.

Her remark about “having a partner to go on these fun new adventures with” reflects how Kody ended up ignoring her in the later stages of her relationship.

One of Christine’s previous complaints about her relationship with Kody was that he didn’t spend enough time with her.

At one point, Kody revealed to Christine that he never found her attractive.

Christine has since found a seemingly ideal partner in David.

The pair has been seen sharing kind words about one another on social media.

They have been cozied up together across a variety of new photos and aren’t shy about letting the world know how they feel about one another.


Meanwhile, Christine showed off her weight loss in a floral dress while celebrating her daughter Aspyn’s 28th birthday.

Christine, 50, posted sweet snaps with Aspyn, as well as her daughters Mykelti, 26, and Ysabel, 19, on Thursday.

Christine displayed her slimmer figure in a chic printed dress teamed with a leather jacket and black strappy heels.

She shared photos with her daughters as they had tea at a luxury hotel in Salt Lake City.

The TLC star also posted a brief clip of herself smiling as she ate dessert with Ysabel.

She captioned it: “Had a lovely time during High Tea to celebrate Aspyn’s birthday.

“She’s such an amazing strong and independent woman. I’m so proud of everything she’s accomplished. I love sharing in her life moments.”

The Sister Wives star has six children with her ex-husband Kody Brown – Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, 24, Gwendlyn, 21, and Truely, 12.

Earlier this week, Christine cuddled up to her new boyfriend David Woolley on Instagram.

The reality star gushed over her romance with her new beau and seemingly threw shade at Kody in the process.

She shared a snap of the couple getting cozy while dining at a restaurant.

Christine boasted about their relationship in her caption: “I can’t express how amazing it’s been to have David in my life. He’s an incredible man and he treats me like his Queen.”

Sister Wives fans jumped to the comments section to applaud the star for finding happiness since leaving Kody in November 2021.

Christine has been sharing lovey-dovey posts with her new man since they began dating last month.

In a photo hard-launching them as a couple, she called the 59-year-old construction executive the “love of my life.”

David has already gotten the stamp of approval from Christine’s children as her daughter Gwendlyn recently spoke about the arrangement via a new YouTube video.

Christine has steadily changing her style and looking dramatically different since her weight lossInstagramThe slim Sister Wives star isn’t the only one to have lost weightInstagramJanelle Brown is now down over 100 pounds as wellInstagram

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