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Netflix’s Dance 100: What does the winner get?

Netflix’s Dance 100: What does the winner get?

NETFLIX’S Dance 100 has kicked off with creative choreographers vying for the juicy reward.

They are judged by elite choreographers who will assess the complexity of their choreography.

Dance 100 crew Rex Kline, Max Pham Nguyen, Janick Arseneau, Keenan Cooks, Host Ally Love, Celine Edmondson, Brandi Chun, Rudy Garcia, and Akira Armstrong

Netflix’s Dance 100: What does the winner get?

Dance 100 is a six-episode contest that features eight choreographers competing against each other for the grand prize – $100,000.

During each episode, the choreographers are randomly assigned a song and a dance group that will perform one of their pieces in front of a live audience.

The dance group, in addition to the 100 professional dancers who are watching, decides which choreographer goes home each week.

Who are the hosts and participants of Netflix’s Dance 100?

Well-known Peloton instructor, Ally Love, hosts the competition.

The eight choreographers on the show include:

Rudy: A choreographer, dancer, and dance instructor from Miami.Brandi: A choreographer, dancer, and dance instructor from Hawaii. Brandi has previously worked with Cirque du Soleil. Keenan: A choreographer, dancer, and dance instructor from New York. Keenan has previously worked with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B.Janick: A choreographer and dancer from Montreal. Janick has previously appeared on So You Think You Can Dance Canada and America’s Best Dance Crew.Rex: A newcomer in the choreography industry.Akira: A choreographer, dancer, and dance instructor who has previously worked with Beyonce. Akira is also the founder of a dance company called Pretty Big Movement.Max: A choreographer and dancer based in Los Angeles. Max has previously worked with Justin Timberlake and Ariana Grande and has performed at major events such as the Super Bowl and the Grammys.Celine: A choreographer and dancer who is the co-captain of the Brooklyn Nets dance team, the Brooklynettes. Celine has previously performed with DJ Khaled and Lil Kim.Dance 100 Host Ally Love pictured on Dance 100© 2023 Netflix, Inc.

When did Netflix’s Dance 100 premiere?

Netflix’s Dance 100 premiered on March 17, 2023.

The six-episode, hour-long series will be shown exclusively on Netflix.

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