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Little People fans slam Audrey Roloff for date idea as fans think her husband Jeremy is ‘in pain’

Little People fans slam Audrey Roloff for date idea as fans think her husband Jeremy is ‘in pain’

LITTLE People’s Audrey has been ripped into online after heading out on a ‘long run’ date with husband Jeremy.

Audrey, 31, has been working to fit at least 52 dates with Jeremy into a year.

Little People’s Audrey Roloff shared two new snapshots of herself with husband JeremyInstagramThe pair had completed another date night, one of the 52 Audrey planned to finish in 2023Instagram

The pair was successful in 2022, so Audrey has continued the trend into 2023.

Audrey shared her most recent date with Jeremy to Instagram.

The pair went on a “sabbath morning long run” together.

“Date 13/52 long run,” Audrey captioned her photo on Instagram.

She held the camera next to Jeremy, while both squinted for a selfie.

But fans, as usual, had plenty to say about the photo and its subjects.

Many believed Jeremy looked as though he were “in pain” in the snapshot.

“Is that Jerm with Audj? Looks some little old man,” asked a fan.

A second replied: “I’d agree that he’s not aging well, but he just ran 10 miles and you normally don’t look your best after that. Looks like he’s in pain.”

Another joked: “Imagine a 10 mile run being a date. Huff huff grasping for breath dying “so much quality time babe”

A fourth wrote: “So are they just counting every time they are together as a date?”

One viewer mocked: “They need more nutrients in their life. The raw milk ain’t cutting it.”


Meanwhile, Audrey has caused a stir online with a very revealing outfit that puts her cleavage on full display.

The 31-year-old shared a photo to her Instagram Story of her most recent date night outfit with husband Jeremy Roloff.

Audrey’s revealing outfit was comprised of a plunging black top with puffy sleeves and a pair of blue jeans.

“Date night outfit by Nuuly, my clothing rental box,” Audrey captioned her photo.

Nuuly is an online subscription-based clothing rental and thrift service.

The religious ex-TLC star has shown off looks from Nuuly before, many of them not-so-modest.

Several of Audrey’s outfits have not fit the family’s modesty standards as of late.

Fans have not taken kindly to this fact and have ripped into Audrey online.

Others simply didn’t like her choice of outfit.

One fan wrote: “My husband would ask me to change if 80% of my chest was exposed.”

Another commented: “Not modest!”

A third wrote: “Working at the farm on the bottom and date night on top.”

A fourth commented: “That shirt is not it at all.”

A fifth fan snarked: “If I were Nuuly I’d make her take this down.”


Meanwhile, Audrey shared a shocking throwback photo featuring a NSFW wardrobe malfunction.

The TLC star’s post comes amid concern for fans about her appearance and, more so, her health.

Audrey was apparently feeling a bit nostalgic as she took to her Instagram Story to share a throwback photo.

The star posed on the back of a motorcycle in the snap, looking back at the person holding the camera and making a peace sign with her one hand while holding onto her now-husband Jeremy with the other.

She captioned the post: “Riding around Ojai, LA, and Santa Barbra on this thing.

“It was our main form of transportation when we lived in LA. And I always wore a dress.”

In the photo, the former Little People, Big World star was wearing a little white sundress that was flying up due to the speed of the motorcycle.

Her butt was exposed and fans were shocked to see she shared it.

Audrey didn’t stop there either.

She shared an old video of herself and Jeremy on the motorcycle as well as another biker pair not far behind.

Her caption read: “Oh my gosh … @brittany_poppins the fact that you are filming too.”

The video was linked to a post on her feed which dates back to 2015.


Meanwhile, fans have expressed concern for Audrey over her appearance.

The TLC star recently shared a photo of herself making bread in the middle of the night.

In the clip, she tied her long curly hair in a messy bun at the top of her head and wore a cozy white sweater.

She captioned the photo: “My nightly dough making routine.”

It is unclear what time the reality star posted the photo, and if anyone else in her house was awake.

Fans quickly responded on a popular LPBW Reddit thread, sharing concerns for the star, with one person writing: “She looks unhealthy.”

“There is no way she eats bread every night, she’s tinyyyy,” typed another.

Another wrote: “I noticed after her first I thought she might have had postpartum depression. I followed them on Instagram at the time. They were all about sharing. 

“Then they disappeared after that for a while. Stopped being on the show. And she was soo skinny. Haven’t seen much of them. But she sure puts on a show. I used to love them in the beginning. I guess people change.”


In the past, fans were thrilled to see Audrey showing off her body and promoting healthy beauty standards.

Back in February, she showed her curves in a tiny bikini while enjoying a steamy hot tub.

She shared the video on her Instagram Story from a quiet vacation with her husband Jeremy.

Audrey posted several videos to her Instagram Stories of herself hopping into a steaming hot sauna with gorgeous, snowy mountain views in the background.

The former reality star wore a black bikini top and red bottoms. 

Jeremy donned a white bathrobe and matching slippers and was caught walking around the background of Audrey’s video holding a cup of something warm.

It’s not the first time Audrey has shared photos of herself showing off her bikini body, after discussing her Christian lifestyle and strong conservative viewpoints.

Audrey and Jeremy met their goal of 52 dates in 2022, and are working on the same for this yearInstagramFans, however, took Audrey and Jeremy to task over the photo, saying Jeremy looked as though he were ‘in pain’InstagramOthers mocked the couple for counting a ‘long run’ as a date nightTLC

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