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Joy-Anna Duggar shades dad Jim Bob in shocking video as star reveals her decision to break his strict dress code rules

Joy-Anna Duggar shades dad Jim Bob in shocking video as star reveals her decision to break his strict dress code rules

JOY-ANNA Duggar has refuted Jim Bob’s spiritual guidelines in a video about her clothing choices.

The Counting On star spoke openly about how she realised that wearing pants wasn’t immodest, despite what she’d been told.

YouTube/ FollowtheForsythsJoy-Anna Duggar posted a YouTube video in which she spoke openly about her decision to break her family’s dress code rules[/caption]

YouTube/ FollowtheForsythsThe star juggled fielding questions with building furniture for her kids’ closet[/caption]

Joy-Anna posted a YouTube video yesterday, in which she answered her fan’s most-asked questions.

The reality TV personality answered questions between clips of herself setting up furniture in the closet shared by her two children: Gideon, five; and Evelyn, two.

The busy mother looked comfy and casual throughout filming in loose pants and a black v-neck top that clung tightly to her pregnancy bump.

In October last year, Joy-Anna and her husband Austin announced that they were expecting a third child to welcome into the family, and later revealed that they were having a boy.

One question she chose to answer during the session was: “What made you decide to wear pants and jeans?”

Joy-Anna took a deep breath, before responding: “Austin and I prayed about this for a long time, and I think we had the first conversation within our first year of marriage.”

She continued that their journey involved “studying and reading the Bible and digging in deep” for three to four years.

“It wasn’t something that I was super persistent about studying because honestly, I’d always worn skirts my whole life, and so for me I wasn’t in a rush,” she added.

The TLC star then confirmed: “So really the last year we really prayed about it and felt like there wasn’t anything in scripture – there isn’t anything in scripture that’s black and white on dress.

“It talks a lot about modesty, but I feel like you can be modest and wear pants, and so that’s kind of where we came to.”

Joy-Anna, 25, concluded: “I think basically we just looked through scripture for a long time and feel like this is okay for our family and where we are.”


Joy-Anna grew up in a highly conservative environment, ruled by patriarch Jim Bob Duggar.

According to the Duggar family rules imposed by Jim Bob, women weren’t allowed to wear revealing clothes, meaning that high-cut shirts with long sleeves were preferred.

His daughters wore skirts, as they weren’t allowed to sport anything figure-hugging or reveal their legs.

Some of the guidance went even further, suggesting that they shouldn’t have social media, consume modern entertainment, or even share front-facing hugs.

However, while Joy-Anna has stood by her Christian faith, she has rebelled against her father’s interpretation of scripture.

On YouTube, she has frequently posted videos that show herself in skinny jeans and other less austere clothing.


Joy-Anna’s sister Jinger, 29, has written a tell-all book, Becoming Free Indeed, about growing up under Jim Bob’s “cult-like” rule.

Jinger admitted that the publication of the memoir has shocked some of her family, but Joy-Anna appears supportive.

Last year, Joy-Anna broke her silence on the novel when during a Q&A session with her 1.1 million Instagram followers.

One fan asked: “Will you read Jinger’s book?”

“Yes! I’m excited to read it!” replied the mom of two.

She shared her answer with a throwback photo of herself and her older sister.

TLCJim Bob Duggar insisted that the woman in his family dressed ‘modestly,’ which barred pants and jeans from them[/caption]

YOUTUBE/FollowtheForsythsJoy-Anna revealed that her praying and studying of scripture showed that the Bible had no clear dress code[/caption]

Instagram/ joy4siteThe mother-of-two, with a third on the way, said that her current stance was right ‘for our family and where we are’[/caption]

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