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Jinger Duggar serves up severely burnt pizza to husband Jeremy Vuolo and kids after she’s slammed over ‘nasty’ dishes

Jinger Duggar serves up severely burnt pizza to husband Jeremy Vuolo and kids after she’s slammed over ‘nasty’ dishes

JINGER Duggar has posted a new glimpse at her cooking skills on social media.

The Counting On star took to her Instagram Stories yesterday to show off her homemade pizzas.

Instagram/jeremy_vuoloJinger Duggar posted a video displaying her spread of pizzas for a handcrafted family dinner[/caption]

Not known, clear with picture deskJinger had gone all out and made multiple pies, but many were badly burned on the crusts and in the center[/caption]

In the video, Jinger panned her camera over the plates as chill music played in the background.

The first pizza she showed off was heart-shaped, and seemed to be topped with a selection of colorful bell peppers.

Unfortunately, it was also badly charred, with bubbles of burned dough peeking out from the layers of sauce and toppings.

She also showed a cheesy meatball pizza that looked much paler than the first, a salami pizza with a blackened crust, and a couple of smaller pies, which appeared to have been dug into already.

The 29-year-old then moved her camera away from the food, revealing the al dente setting for dinner that evening while the sun set.

She left her clip without a caption, but made sure to tag her 35-year-old husband Jeremy Vuolo in the vid.

Jinger’s food has been criticized by fans before.

In December, Jeremy posted a video of Jinger and himself learning how to make a “pizookie.”

Fans weren’t impressed by the fare, with one commenting: “Based on the rest of her cooking, yes, they need help to bake a cookie.”

Another harshly posted: “It’s really good when done right, but theirs probably tastes like garbage.”

Jinger also previously showed her method of making an “Arkansas classic;” a tater tot casserole.

An unimpressed follower posted the clip to Reddit, where one fan commented: “Omg girrrrrrrl at least pretend you know what you’re doing.”

Another wrote under her Instagram post: “Saw u pull a hair out of that!”

A third roasted: “It’s not from Arkansas. It’s from the depths of Hell.”

The mother-of-two also sparked judgment from her fans with an “overdone,” “murdered” steak just days later.


The Duggars have an extended universe of cooking fails.

Parents Jim Bob and Michelle came under fire for their own “disgusting” meal last year, much like many of their 19 children.

The couple’s hashbrown casserole was slammed for both its appeal and its apparent unhealthiness.

“What is it with this family and frozen potatoes?” one person asked, while another exclaimed: “my arteries are clogging at the sight of using 1/2 stick of melted butter as a topping.”

Another pondered: “What’s the point of 1/2 teaspoon pepper with 2 pounds of frozen potatoes?”

One person admitted: “My stomach hurts just thinking about it.”

YouTube/ Jinger & Jeremy VuoloThe Counting On personality came under fire for posting a video showing off an ‘Arkansas classic,’ with many fans shocked by the end result[/caption]

InstagramJim Bob and Michelle have been criticized for their cooking, and seem to have passed on the trait to their children[/caption]

The Duggar FamilyThe IBLP couple worried fans with the amount of fat used in their hashbrown casserole[/caption]

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