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Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik reveals she ‘cried at Disneyland’ while makeup-free in new at-home video

Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik reveals she ‘cried at Disneyland’ while makeup-free in new at-home video

MAYIM Bialik has revealed that she “cried at Disneyland” in a new video.

The Jeopardy! host went make-up free as she took some time off from the show.

Instagram / @missmayimMayim Bialik admitted that she cried at Disneyland after she couldn’t meet her favorite character[/caption]

NBCThe Jeopardy! host took some time off to enjoy time at the parks[/caption]

On Friday, Mayim posted a video to her Instagram about her emotions and seeing her favorite character.

“I’m kind of an emotional person. Everyone needs to know that,” she started off the video.

“You know that character from Inside Out, the sad one, she’s my favorite,” Mayim chuckled.

“I was at Disneyland, and she was there as a character, and I wanted to hug her and they told me she had to go on a break,” the Jeopardy! host said, starting to chuckle.

“And I didn’t get to hug her and I started crying because I just like her character so much.”

The 47-year-old continued: “And she slumped off and I was crying at Disneyland because I couldn’t hug her.”

She then proceeded to put her face in her hands and laugh.

Mayim went on to say that her boyfriend said that maybe she had explosive diarrhea and had to leave.

The host added that she “didn’t care” because she just wanted to hug her.

“True story of how I cried at Disneyland the other day,” she captioned the post.


In the video, Mayim was at home, standing in her living room.

Somebody else was filming her, so she had free range to talk.

She wore an oversized T-shirt, with a little boy on it and sweatpants.

Her hair was put in a messy ponytail and she did not have any make-up on.

Mayim did, however, accessorize with a watch and a ring on her forefinger.


Many of her fans took to the comments to tell her that they understood how she felt.

“Honey I feel you when I was 27 I went to Disneyland and cried cause I got to hug Chewbacca. I saw him and started to cry and then had an ugly cry photo when he walked over hugged me and put his hand or paw whatever on my head,” shared one fan.

“I cried at dog food advert once.. well not once every time it was on. Also a very emotional person xx,” said another.

A third added: “I cried when I met Eeyore and felt so overwhelmed. Before Belle and her love of books I never felt as connected to a Disney character as I did Eeyore. As a kid I understood him and he was always my favorite.”

“I love that. I’m just the same,” wrote a follower.

“Love your work and how real you are,” said another.

One last fan shared: “I cry every time I hug Mickey Mouse. He is the real deal for me!”

Instagram / @missmayimShe said she is a very emotional person[/caption]

Instagram JeopardyDespite fans not liking her hosting style, many of her followers agreed with her on her crying[/caption]

GettyMayim splits hosting duties with Ken Jennings after Alex Trebek passed away in 2020[/caption]

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