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Wheel of Fortune fans clock final puzzle as ‘a made-up term’ & claim the writers ‘phoned it in’

Wheel of Fortune fans clock final puzzle as ‘a made-up term’ & claim the writers ‘phoned it in’

WHEEL of Fortune has presented a bonus puzzle on Friday’s episode that was accused of being a bit of a stretch.

Julie was tasked with guessing “Founding Partner” under the category “person” in 10 seconds leaving bothered viewers spinning to Twitter.

ABCJulie looked less than thrilled when the timer began looking for ‘Founding Partner’[/caption]

ABCOne Wheel of Fortune fan tweeted: ‘They’re just making up stuff now’ and another ‘Founding fathers maybe…’[/caption]

The Wiley, Texas-based Wheel of Fortune contestant earlier revealed she has a nine-year-old son who is the “highlight of her life” and loves playing dominos with her mom and 90-year-old grandmother.

Julie went to the bonus round with the highest score of $15169.

She selected “Person” of the three categories and headed to the wheel with Pat, 76.

Her brother and son waved from the sidelines and Pat said “Good to have you with us.

“I take it your son is the smaller of the two?”

“Yeah, they both act the same though!” she shaded which got a laugh and some gasps.

“Hey hey, she’ll be here all week!” Pat comedically said back.

She selected a P, G, M, and O as her additional letters.

The picks actually were fairly helpful – the puzzle read: “_O_N_NG P_RTNER” so the last word seemed to clearly be Partner.

But the first word, “founding,” was above her paygrade and that of fans.

She could not get it and looked so disappointed throwing her head up in dismay as Pat revealed she lost out on an extra $40K.


One viewer angrily tweeted as it aired: “I’ve never heard the term Founding Partner in all my life until tonight’s Wheel Of Fortune.”

“They’re just making up stuff now,” wrote another.

A third wrote: “Founding Partner? The writers really phoned that one in!”

And a fourth: “Founding partner is not a thing: founding fathers, maybe. Such BS.”


Elizabeth Sanchez told all to The U.S. Sun after competing last Monday.

She was the big winner with $19.1K and went to the bonus round, choosing “around the house” as her category and four additional letters of “J, Y, O, and H”.

The two-word puzzle read: “__N_Y” “J_R”

She guessed: “Jar…funny jar…” but couldn’t get to “Candy Jar.”

Elizabeth did not mince words about whether she thought “Candy Jar” was fair as fitting the category.

This especially hurt since she had earlier revealed her 2-year-old “wanted a car for her new car seat” the prize turned out to be a Chevy which she told The Sun she was “manifesting” and earnestly in the market for.

She exclusively said: “I know a lot of people that don’t necessarily have candy jars at home.

“That’s the reason why I automatically thought it was either ‘honey or money.’ But once I saw the H and O didn’t light up I didn’t bother to say money.”

“I mean, when I think of a candy jar I think of a convenience store that used to sell ten-cent candy or even a pharmacy or a doctor’s office.”

“But even then a doctor’s office is like a candy dish – you dont necessarily have a Candy Jar.”

I have mixed feelings about it. I honestly for me did not think that was going to be the final puzzle.

When it lit up I was like it’s so easy why didn’t get that, but I also did tell myself, well who has a Candy Jar in their house? Are they trying to be tricky?”


Another contestant, Ben Tucker, recently went viral for clapping back at Pat after missing a big payday for his prize puzzle “Taking a Quick Jog” under “Fun and Games.”

“Well, you see, I don’t consider jogging ‘Fun and Games,’” Ben half-joked after not being able to guess it.

Elizabeth told The U.S. Sun she agreed this was “the greatest example” of a player losing on a bonus prize over a puzzle that didn’t quite fit its category.

“Because at the end of the day, who considers going out for a jog or exercising as fun and games?

“I like the fact that he called them out on it in a fun cheeky way.”

“Who really thinks of jogging as fun?

ABCRecently a contestant went viral for shading Pat over this puzzle under the category ‘Fun And Games’[/caption]

ABC‘Well, you see, I don’t consider jogging Fun and Games,’ Ben shaded – and fans agreed[/caption]

ABCContestant Elizabeth Sanchez told The U.S. Sun she was ‘mixed’ on the puzzle she lost a car on and agreed with Ben too: ‘Who really thinks of jogging as fun?’[/caption]

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