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The View’s Ana Navarro insists she’s ‘staying in bed’ after three days of partying as concerned fans beg star to ‘rest’

The View’s Ana Navarro insists she’s ‘staying in bed’ after three days of partying as concerned fans beg star to ‘rest’

ANA Navarro has told her followers that she is “staying in bed” after partying for three days straight.

The View fans are begging her to “rest” on her latest post.

Instagram/ ananavarroflAna Navarro has insisted that she is staying in bed all day after three days of partying[/caption]

Instagram/ ananavarroflShe is currently attending a friend’s wedding, which has turned into a multiple day affair[/caption]

On Saturday, Ana, 51, posted a selfie of her and her dog, Cha Cha, to Instagram.

She laid in bed with no make-up on and the dog on her chest.

The host did not smile and was in her pajamas.

“@chacha_cardenas and I gonna be in bed all day, until I have to get up for Day 4 of #sharikaandjonathan Indian Wedding,” Ana captioned the post.

“Today, is the actual traditional ceremony. I’m very excited and have a new-found respect for the stamina and organization skills of Indian brides and families. Y’all, this is a marathon of celebrations. One more beautiful than the other.”

The View host then went on to say that she isn’t doing anything next week.

“I swear, next week I’m not participating in any social activities that require lashes and/or spanx. I mean it, this time.”

Fans took to the comments to tell her to “rest up” and “enjoy the wedding.”


About two hours later, Ana decided to get out of bed and get ready for the wedding.

“Ok, so I got up,” she captioned the second post.

The host stood in traditional garb, now smiling with her hands on her hips.

She then shared photos of other traditional Indian outfits in the store that she was in.

“Started feeling serious FOMO that I was missing out my chance at wearing a beautiful Indian sari, so I called my friend, @mannymachado2017 and off we went in search of one,” Ana continued her post.

Ana then posted a video of herself up close.

She has on jewelry and head pieces for the wedding and told her followers the phone number of the store in case they wanted to come.

“What a beautiful culture. I need to get invited to more Indian events, so I have an excuse to wear these,” Ana ended the post.


On Friday, Ana took a cute selfie with her husband, Al Cárdenas, at a pre-wedding party.

“Day 2 -or maybe 3, I’ve lost track- of Indian wedding, was a white party at one of South Florida’s treasures, @vizcaya_museum. #sharikaandjonathan,” she captioned the post.

The first photo was of her all dolled up and smiling in front of a mesmerizing body of water.

Then, came the photo with Al, and it was followed up with pictures of guests at the white party.

Ana also took pictures of the waitress’ fancy outfits and statues around the party.

It is not clear what she is doing on Sunday, but will most likely be back in bed.

Instagram/ ananavarroflAna’s outfit her friend’s wedding[/caption]

Instagram/ ananavarroflThe guest at pre-wedding festivities[/caption]

ABCIt is not clear if she will be back on The View on Monday[/caption]

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