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The View’s Alyssa Farah Griffin enjoys New York City date night with husband Justin after on-air fights with co-stars

The View’s Alyssa Farah Griffin enjoys New York City date night with husband Justin after on-air fights with co-stars

AFTER multiple fights with her View co-hosts, Alyssa Farah Griffin has enjoyed a date night with her husband, Justin.

They enjoyed a nice night out in New York City.

TikTok/alyssafarahAlyssa Farah Griffin enjoyed a date night with her husband, Justin, on Friday[/caption]

ABCShe enjoyed the night after having on-air fights with her co-hosts[/caption]

After debating topics on the View on Friday, she spent the night out with her husband.

Alyssa, 33, posted a photo to her Instagram story.

It was a selfie of the two of them, standing outside on a New York City sidewalk.

They both smiled for the camera and the host added a shamrock emoji to her photo, indicating that they celebrated St. Patrick’s Day.

Alyssa had a closed-mouth smile and wore hoop earrings and a casual black outfit.

Justin stuck his tongue out, and wore a casual white shirt and gray jacket.

She did not post any of pictures or say where they were, but they seemed to have enjoyed their date night.

Alyssa and Justin got married in November 2021 and do not have any children together.


The former White House Director of Strategic Communications got engaged to Justin in 2020, after three years of dating.

He is graduated from Stern School of Business at New York University in 2022.

Justin studied political science at Stonehill College and completed his undergraduate studies at Clark University in 2012.

He also did a brief course on cybersecurity at Harvard in 2020.

Alyssa’s husband also worked as a political strategist upon graduating college.

Justin was a regional political director for the Massachusetts Republican Party in 2012.

The 34-year-old worked as an account strategist for Purple Strategies, the VP of Revolution Agency, and served as an advisor and director of finance for Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito.

He has also been a consultant for Merrimack Potomac + Charles since 2019.


Alyssa was shut down by Whoopi Goldberg on the View earlier this week.

She told her to “hold up” as they were discussing a political joke.

Last Tuesday’s episode had an intense debate about whether it was right for former Vice President Mike Pence to criticize Pete Buttigieg‘s paternity leave.

Whoopi, 67, had criticized the politician the entire time, saying his joke wasn’t funny the first time, and he should “find a new joke.”

The rest of the panel agreed with the moderator, but Alyssa, having worked with Pence, tried to give an opposing opinion.

“To me, this was a joke that did not land,” the newcomer said.

However, she did say there were big red flags.

Sunny Hostin, 54, went on to say that the joke was “lazy” and “stale.”

Alyssa interrupted her and gave two points.

“I do want to note though that Pence has been a champion of paid family leave, so I think that’s what was the issue for me not landing,” she said.

“But, that’s my point with it,” Whoopi spoke up.

Alyssa continued: “But, I do want us to be careful. I don’t want us to turn into the snowflakes that we criticize. We’re like, ‘it’ a joke-.’”

Whoopi interrupted: “No, no wait. Hold up! Hold up!”

She held her finger up for a second as she tried to gather her words together.

“Those guys are snowflakes,” she said.

“No, I know. I think we need to like-,” Alyssa stumbled over her words.

“The point is, it was a joke that was bad for other times,” Whoopi told her.

“It’s lazy because he does know better.”

Instagram/Alyssa Farah GriffinAlyssa married Justin Griffin in 2021, after dating for four years before[/caption]

ABCShe was shut down by Whoopi Goldberg on the View earlier this week[/caption]

ABCAlyssa was the newest addition to the panel, after Meghan McCain left in 2021[/caption]

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