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Jeopardy! fans demand host Ken Jennings ‘stop’ his ‘rude’ on-stage habit

Jeopardy! fans demand host Ken Jennings ‘stop’ his ‘rude’ on-stage habit

KEN Jennings has annoyed fans with his “rude” on-stage habit and they want him to stop it.

He opens up the show talking about a recent winner and his back luck in Daily Doubles.

JeopardyJeopardy! fans have criticized Ken for his ‘rude’ on-stage habit[/caption]

JeopardyDespite being the fan-favorite host between him and Mayim Bilaik, fans want him to stop the long monologues[/caption]

Despite being the favorite Jeopardy! host among fans, between him and Mayim Bialik, fans wish Ken would stop one thing.

He starts out each show with a monologue on the current winner.

On the March 16 show, Ken, 38, talked about Stephen Webb.

“Although our champion Stephen Webb is performing very well here on the Alex Trebek Stage, his skill at tracking down Daily Doubles does not seem to be quite at the same level of mastery,” he said

“Consider this: In his last three games, Stephen has not managed to find a single one of the Daily Doubles available.”

The host continued: “And yet, he won each of those games very convincingly, so take heart, Andrew and Sarah, he’s good, he’s very good, but the key to defeating him may lie in the three Daily Doubles in the game ahead.”

Sadly, after his 8-day winning streak, Stephen lost to Kelly Barry on March 17.


Fans complained about his habit online.

“Wish Ken would stop brining that up every time he introduces this guy,” said one fan.

“You know, I like both hosts for different reasons. But I didn’t care for the remark Ken made at the start of tonight’s show. Rude….just rude,” wrote another social media user.

A third asked: “Does Ken not like Stephen? #Jeopardy”

“Why does ken keep coming for stephen during every intro?” asked an Instagram user.

“I love the show and I like both hosts but I have the same response to Ken tonight. He did it last night as well,” complained one fan.

To that, someone replied: “Agreed I cringed when Ken made that comment.”

“Was a bit taken aback by Ken’s opening comment re Stephen’s lack of skill at finding daily doubles. He pulled it out with a salute at the end but man that middle part was kind of harsh. Sure wiped the smile off Stephen’s face. Felt for him. I am sure it was scripted but dang. On to the game. Sorry some of you are missing it,” said one last fan.


Stephen admitted he “hit a wall” after losing on Friday.

He went home with $184,000 and eight wins under belt.

The champion posted on Reddit that he “hit a wall” and was happy for his victor Kelly.

The returning champ faced Kelly, a marketing communications specialist from Seattle, Washington, and Mark Bernstein, a retired solution architect from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Stephen is a data scientist from Longmont, Colorado who returned when Mayim’s three-week teen tournament concluded on March 16 – so his first day back on-screen was the day after.

Ken also returned to host his run – but what viewers may not have realized is Friday’s episode was taped the same day as this entire week.

As a result, Stephen was up against a grueling task, winning six games in a single tape day (instead of the typical five). 

For his fifth game in a row – which Ken has no hesitancy shading – Stephen also found none of the all-too-important Daily Doubles.

Stephen had a narrow edge going into Final Jeopardy with $12,600 whereas Kelly had $11,600 and Mark $4,000.

Final Jeopardy under “Statehood” read: “Congress relented in 1890 after this prospective state said it would wait 100 years rather than come in without the women.”

Only Kelly was correct with Wyoming, and she added $3,000 to beat the streak with $14,600 – looking so happy as she was declared the new champ.

Stephen plummeted to $1,999 just shaking his head but graciously clapped and he will return for the 2023 Tournament of Champions.

NBCStephen Webb lost the game on Friday, going home with $184k[/caption]

NBCJeopardy! fans have also complained about Mayim’s hosting habits[/caption]

NBCStephen criticized by Ken for continuously missing the Daily Doubles[/caption]

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