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Wheel of Fortune fans roast ‘hipster couple’ & can’t resist joking winner and her husband ‘can’t be real’

Wheel of Fortune fans roast ‘hipster couple’ & can’t resist joking winner and her husband ‘can’t be real’

A WHEEL of Fortune contestant and her husband had a hilariously quirky energy on Thursday’s episode and fans went wild.

As Natalie celebrated her big $53K win, she was joined by her other half, whom she referred to as “handsome and modern” earlier on.

ABCNatalie revealed she ‘loves pulling random books’ from the library and has a ‘handsome and modern’ husband[/caption]

ABCPat Sajak said: ‘I think you have a very interesting life!’[/caption]

ABCOne fan joked: ‘This is a Portlandia episode’ while another praised: ‘that is one championship-level mullet[/caption]

The Los Angeles-based Wheel of Fortune contestant and her man were such bookish, indie characters that Twitter fans couldn’t resist joking they seemed stranger than fiction.

Natalie revealed she has been an English teacher for “about seven years” who loves “pulling any random book off the shelf” at the library and “see where it takes me.”

She also says she has a psychic ability to “intuit what she’s going to find” at thrift stores before going in.

Natalie said she lives with her “handsome and modern” husband and they have a very creative daughter.

Pat, 76, replied: “I think you have a very interesting life! That goes for all of you,” he added.

Natalie then went to the bonus puzzle and her husband waved from the sidelines.

“What’s his name?” Pat asked Natalie about her curly beard-boasting man. She of course was rocking an unmistakable mullet, aviators and a bandana.

“Ricky,” she said and Pat exclaimed: “Hi Ricky!” to silence from the audience.

“Okay,” Pat bluntly concluded.

“I try to be funny…” Pat told her as nothing came to mind for him to add.

She impressively got “Booking a flight” with a “BOO_N_ _ __T” and to celebrate her $40K win with $53K total they united on stage.

They attempted a double high five which turned into a hug.


Game show fans were impressed by Natalie’s thrifty solves but had to admit they felt like they had switched channels to PBS or a Wes Anderson movie perhaps.

One posted: “Yo, that couple had to be fake. I feel like we got punked.”

Another accused: “Pat is so weird to contestants sometimes and not just trying to be funny like he’s clearly condescending.”

A third wrote: “That is the most awkward hug and celebration I’ve seen in a while.

A fourth posted: “Interesting couple ha.”

And a fifth: “Say what you will about Natalie but that is one championship-level mullet.”

A sixth asked: “Anyone else turn on tonight’s @WheelofFortune and wonder for a second if it was actually a Portlandia episode?”

ABCNatalie got this bonus puzzle as ‘Booking a Flight’ as a third fan wrote: ‘Interesting couple’[/caption]

ABCFans felt like they had changed the channel to something less main-stream[/caption]

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