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The View’s Ana Navarro trolls Joy Behar and mutters ‘I know you’re not Latina’ during awkward show moment

The View’s Ana Navarro trolls Joy Behar and mutters ‘I know you’re not Latina’ during awkward show moment

ANA Navarro has trolled Joy Behar in a savage live TV moment as she joked about the comedian’s heritage.

The View star has shocked her cast mates and the audience alike with some recent NSFW on-screen blunders.

Joy discussed her heritage during Friday’s episode of The ViewABCAna trolled her and said she definitely ‘isn’t Latina’ABCJoy was shocked by the commentABC

Now Ana, 51, has thrown shade at Joy, 80, as they discussed the potential results of the comedian’s Ancestry.com report.

After the redhead told a story from childhood about finding out who her real grandmother was, her co-star Sunny Hostin, 54, chimed in to say: “I’m convinced you’re going to find out you’re about 8% black.”

The crowd cackled as the TV star shot back: “As Whoopi says, it’s only a boat ride away.”

Sunny replied: “You were a black person in another life, definitely.”

“I have 92% Italian, but the other 2%, who knows?” Joy explained, as her castmate responded: “It’s African American.”

“Could be Jewish?” Sara Haines tried, to which the comedian suggested: “Middle Eastern!”

But Ana Navarro had enough of the debate, and interjected with: “Well, I know you’re not Latina,” shooting the crowd a spiteful look.

The audience burst into laughter as Joy replied in shock: “How dare you, you don’t know that!”


The Nicaraguan-American political strategist has not held back in recent episodes, and earlier this week was even bleeped out on live TV after she made an NSFW comment.

The View host stunned fans when she talked about Eva Longoria and a body part of hers.

On Monday’s show, The panel talked about the Academy Awards, which aired the night prior.

After they discussed who won and who got snubbed, Ana fawned over the fashion on the red carpet.

“And I will tell you, I also thought, people understood the assignment yesterday. The fashion choices were unbelievable,” she said.

“I mean, my friend, Eva Longoria, looked like a vision.”

“How she kept them t*ts in place, I don’t know,” Ana said but was bleeped out when she said the NSFW word.

When the camera zoomed out, Sara Haines was pulling at her hair and looked shocked.

Alyssa Farah Griffin cracked up while Whoopi Goldberg did not seem affected.

Sunny Hostin agreed with her and said: “But she did!”

“But, she looked perfect,” Ana finished.


The View fans took to Twitter while the show was airing and tweeted their reaction to her NSFW comment.

“Ana, Can you say ‘t**ties’ on daytime tv?” asked one fan.

They added a gif of Will Smith from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air looking confused.

“#TheView Ana Navarro saying t**ties on the show!” said another, along with a gif of Darryl from The Office laughing.

A third added: “Lol Ana about Eva’s titties #TheView.”

“Ana! #TheView,” one scolded, along with a bunch of laughing emojis.


This was definitely not the first time Ana has made an NSFW comment on the air.

Last October, She had a shocking response to a relationship segment.

Whoopi asked the panel’s opinions on the idea of a breakup getaway trip and Ana’s answer surprised everyone.

The moderator explained a couple had gone viral for posting on TikTok about taking a vacation together after breaking up to go through more healing.

Alyssa and Sunny both disagreed with the idea straight away, saying they both felt as if one party might be too attached to the other.

However, Ana had another wild comment for the crowd, saying: “Let me tell you something – makeup sex and breakup sex are good sex.

“There’s a lot of emotion in it and it’s just – not everyone has a utopia relationship. Sometimes things are complicated and people have to break up.”

Sara interrupted Ana to say: “But what’s the point of the trip if you’re just having sex?”

Ana replied: “Sex can be very healing.”

Sara pointed out: “I’m not spending money on the trip!”

Sunny agreed and continued: “You could just have makeup or breakup sex in your house.”

Ana, however, shrugged her shoulders and said: “Yeah, but I like Hawaii.

“You don’t want to go to Hawaii all by yourself. I don’t know, I’m all into this.”

ABCAna spoke about Eva Longoria’s Oscars look[/caption]

ABCShe was bleeped out on live TV[/caption]

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