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Jersey Shore fans demand Angelina Pivarnick be fired and replaced full-time by Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola

Jersey Shore fans demand Angelina Pivarnick be fired and replaced full-time by Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola

JERSEY Shore fans have called for Angelina Pivarnick to be fired from the MTV series and replaced full-time Sammi Giancola.

Over the weekend, MTV surprised fans by announcing that Sammi would be appearing on Family Vacation after years of fans pleading for her to film again.

MTVJersey Shore fans have demanded Angelina Pivarnick be fired[/caption]

MTVThe firing claims came amid drama with Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino[/caption]

During Thursday’s episode of the MTV show, Angelina, 36, revealed tensions between her and her co-star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

She slammed the star to the rest of the cast, claiming he took low blows at her online calling her a “felon” among other things in a series of since-deleted tweets.

Later, however, Mike got together with Jenni “Jwoww” Farley, revealing more details about the drama.

He shared with her a text exchange between himself and Angelina, revealing that she asked him to “tweet crazy,” adding that she could “take it.”

Following the big reveal, fans flocked to Twitter to slam Angelina.

Many called for her to be fired from the show and replaced full-time by Sammi, who’s set to return shortly.

One commenter wrote: “[In] with Sammi. Out with Angelina.”

Another tweeted: “You can see that her playing the victim is actually orchestrated by her.”

A third fan tweeted: “Please get rid of Angelina already…”

Angelina herself hopped on Twitter to share her thoughts, revealing her own context.

She wrote: “The reason behind those texts were for a whole different situation! Aka, being replaced by another jersey shore show which was all over the news. Mike knew exactly what we agreed to and calling me a felon had no connection to it.”


While some fans were caught up on the drama involving Angelina, others were focused on her new romance.

During the episode, Angelina unveiled her new man Vinny, revealing that their relationship was “heating up.”

The pair went from casually dating to living together in the course of the episode and fans were stunned.

It wouldn’t be the first time rumors have swirled about Angelina getting serious with someone post-divorce.

In November 2022, after she split from ex Chris Larangeira, a TikTok video circulated that suggested Angelina was proposed to by a handsome mystery man while filming with the cast in New Orleans.

The MTV stars were seen walking into Sofia Restaurant while the person filming the TikTok video was seated at a table outside the restaurant against a window with a full view of the cast and crew. 

While the cast was seated for the meal which looked to be in celebration of Vinny Guadagnino‘s 35th birthday, the mystery man who seems to have been filming with them throughout their time in New Orleans dropped down to one knee and lifted what appeared to be a small box in Angelina’s direction.  

The newly single reality star looked shocked, as did all of her fellow castmates, with Vinny ripping off his birthday boy sash and quickly pulling out his phone to document the moment himself.

While it seemed everyone at the table, including the person filming the TikTok believed that Angelina was really being proposed to, it seems unlikely that the star will be walking down the aisle again soon. 

“It was a prank! Angelina did not actually get engaged in New Orleans,” an insider revealed. 

In fairness, even her ex-Chris seemed to believe the proposal was the real deal.  

As the video went viral, Chris took to social media and cracked a joke asking fans: “Who would play the lead role in the movie Hoard of the Rings?”  

Angelina quickly clapped back in a post referencing her ex: “Jealousy is spewing off his a** . He doesn’t even know what he’s talking about either LOLLL.” 


Angelina and Chris’ divorce was finalized in 2022.

In court papers exclusively obtained by The Sun, Angelina and Chris, 42, finalized their divorce on May 29, but despite that, they are still duking it out in court because he claims his reality star ex still owes him money. 

A New Jersey judge finalized the divorce with Chris and his attorney present in court, while Angelina’s attorney filed an affidavit in lieu of appearance- meaning she agreed to the terms of the uncontested divorce without being present. 

The judge determined that both the Jersey Shore star and Chris “accepted the terms of their marital settlement agreement as being fair and equitable,” at the time their divorce was finalized.  

However, on June 23rd, Chris filed that Angelina had failed to live up to the terms of their agreement. 

Their marital settlement agreement, which was signed in July of 2021, was submitted as an exhibit in Chris’ filing, and it read: “Angelina will pay Christopher the sum of $22,000 which represents his 50% share of the monies gifted to the parties for their wedding.” 

Chris is arguing that he never received the $22,000, and his lawyer added that they believe his famous MTV star ex has acted in bad faith, and they are asking the court to award Chris money for his attorney fees as well. 

His attorney argued that the judge should consider the “financial circumstances of the parties.” 

Chris “is employed as a sanitation worker for the Department of Sanitation in New York City. Wife is employed by 495 Productions and is a TV reality star with additional businesses and promotions. Wife’s salary far exceeds the husband’s,” the lawyer argued.  

Beyond Angelina’s alleged ability to pay for Chris’ attorney’s fees, the lawyer also argued that she should because of the “unreasonable position she has taken to refuse to abide by the terms of the party’s duly executed marital settlement agreement.” 

His lawyer said they even tried to assist Angelina by offering a resolution where she could pay Chris out of the sale of their marital home, which they owned 50/50

On top of the lawyer’s fees, Chris wants Angelina penalized $50 a day for every day she has not given him the $22,000 for his share of their wedding gifts.  

MTVFans demanded the network replace Angelina with Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola[/caption]

MTVSome were focused on Angelina’s love life, expressing shock at her new romance[/caption]

MTVIt was previously revealed she was ‘proposed to’ while filming in Louisiana[/caption]

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