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GMA’s Robin Roberts is missing from morning show after major new project’s release

GMA’s Robin Roberts is missing from morning show after major new project’s release

ROBIN Roberts has gone missing from Good Morning America on Friday.

She was replaced by Linsey Davis, after releasing Season two of her Disney+ show.

GettyRobin Roberts was mysteriously missing from GMA on Friday[/caption]

Disney+She recently released Season two of her Disney+ show, Turning Tables[/caption]

Linsey sat next to Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos at the morning show desk.

Besides being the fill-in and substitute anchor of GMA, Linsey anchors the Sunday edition of World News Tonight.

She also leads ABC News Live Prime with Linsey Davis.

No one gave a reason as to why Robin was suddenly absent.

The GMA host also went social media silent, and hasn’t posted since before the show on Thursday.

She was in the rest of the week.

It is not clear when Robin will return.

The 62-year-old has been busy with the release of her mini-series, Turning the Tables With Robin Roberts, which just came out this week.

All four Season Two episodes are available to stream on the platform now.


During one of the episodes, Robin begged for tissues after an emotional conversation.

She recounted her experiences with her partner, Amber Laign’s battle with cancer.

Robin sat down with guest Rita Wilson among others during a recent episode of her Disney+ series.

In the episode, one conversation found Rita prompting Robin to delve into “what it’s like” dealing with a loved one with an illness.

She had been referring to the anchor’s longtime partner Amber, who had been battling breast cancer.

The discussion explored how Robin has been holding up while supporting her partner.

“Where’s the tissues?” Robin asked, pretending to reach for one before answering the question.

She looked visibly shaken as she continued, preparing herself to talk about Amber.

“I mean, I can talk about mine, and just look at you, and…” Robin paused to gather her thoughts and composed herself.

The pair were kindred spirits in the moment, having suffered from the same illness.

Robin had previously battled breast cancer herself in 2007 as well as a diagnosis of myelodysplatic syndrome (MDS), a rare blood disorder that affects the bone marrow in 2012.

Rita was diagnosed with breast cancer and as a result underwent a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery.

She kept going: “I talk about her, what she’s going through, and not because her case is more severe than mine, when you’re a caregiver, it’s totally different than when you’re the patient.”

The host quickly gathered herself before continuing the conversation as the tears eventually dissipated.


Robin was absent for a few days last week.

She made an appearance on a different news program to promote Turning The Tables.

Rebecca Jarvis took Robin’s seat that day.

Meanwhile, Robin was still working as she appeared on ABC’s Bay Area affiliate KGO-TV.

She talked with Julian Glover and Kristen Sze about season two of her Disney+ mini-series.

On March 10, Julian posted a video to his Twitter and captioned it: “The Queen of @GMA @RobinRoberts stopped by Midday Live & we had the pleasure of interviewing her about season 2 of her @DisneyPlus show Turning the Tables w/Robin Roberts. Didn’t expect her to graciously encourage my reporting on social justice and inequity. She’s such a gem.”

“I love it because you are truly meeting folks where they are, at home,” Julian said. “And get them to where they want to be.”

“Yes! You do that too,” the GMA host replied. “I know about a lot of the work that you have been doing with equities and thank you, Julian for doing that.”

“And it is. It’s meeting people. And I want people to know that they should be in a place where they are celebrated, not tolerated.”

She continued: “And that’s something that no matter what walk of life you are in, you just want to be celebrated. Yes, we do have difference of opinions, Yes, we do have differences, but can we find that common ground?”

“And that’s really something that I try to do, through my shows, through different things on Good Morning America and the programming that I provide.”

ABCLinsey Davis filled in for Robin on Friday[/caption]

GettyNo reason was given for Robin’s absence[/caption]

Disney+She asked for tissues on a recent episode of her mini-series, after talking about her partner’s battle with cancer[/caption]

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