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DWTS’ Tyra Banks quits hosting job to ‘focus on her business’ after fans call for her to be fired

DWTS’ Tyra Banks quits hosting job to ‘focus on her business’ after fans call for her to be fired

TYRA Banks has revealed she is stepping down as host of Dancing With The Stars after two years.

The former supermodel, 49, said she “thinks it’s time” to leave behind the Disney+ dancing competition.

GettyTyra Banks has revealed she is stepping down as host of Dancing With The Stars after two years[/caption]

GettyThe former supermodel, 49, said ‘it’s time’ to leave behind the dancing competition.[/caption]

Tyra told TMZ: “I think it’s time. I think my heart and soul are in my business and in producing TV, and you can’t do that while hosting a show.

“So you’ll see me creating things, not just hosting.”

The presenter explained that she is shifting her focus to her ice cream business SMiZE and Dream, which she launched in 2021.

“I’m really focused on business, like crazy focused,” she told the outlet Thursday.

“SMiZE and Dream is global so I feel it’s time for me to really focus on my business and my entrepreneurship.”

It’s unclear if Tyra will continue to serve as an executive producer on DWTS.

Tyra’s exit comes after The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed that the show was planning to replace the model with a new host.

In December, a source close to executive producers said they’re looking at an overhaul in the new year with staff urging for “a new host, new judges and bigger name contestants.”

The insider claims the senior production staff is most concerned about bringing in viewers and they think a casting facelift could do just the trick.

Producers told the source that the show “needs to be more adventurous, original and feature fresh faces.”

The insider claimed many show producers felt the shift could kick off by giving Tyra the boot.

The insider says tension has been growing with the famous model and many co-stars are shocked she is still host, especially with all of the social media backlash against her.

According to the source, DWTS producers feel “Tyra has had struggles warming up to the team, contestants and certainly the audience.

“There seems to be a disconnect again with viewers which always raises concerns.”

The insider continued: “We still get emails and comments about her performance and it is upsetting.

“The team works extraordinarily hard to deliver the best series every year, but the main focus of fans’ upset is the host.”

Over the past two seasons, Tyra has received a slew of backlash about her performance, her wild outfits, and a few major on-air mistakes, including messing up a call card on an elimination round.

“There are also concerns that she has not been out and about promoting the show as much as we’d like,” the source continued.

“Other hosts do a wealth of interviews and promotion for their shows, but she has not been out at all in the public eye.

“It is upsetting. If she did not have her executive producer role, some of us believe she would have already departed.”

Back in November, fans called for Tyra to be fired and replaced with The Bachelorette star Gabby Windey, who was then a contestant on season 31.

One viewer wrote: “Petition for Gabby to take Tyra’s job next season. #DWTS.”

The tweet garnered a slew of comments from fans onboard with the move, with another writing: “Took the words out my mouth!!!!!”

A third echoed the suggestion: “Yes!!!! This 1000x,” while a fourth agreed: “Thank goodness. I already stopped watching.”

And another added: “DWTS is having a great season. It would be so much better without Tyra! She is so wrong for this job. There are so many others who could do a much better job. Please replace her.”

A week earlier, Tyra seemingly ruffled the feathers of judge Len Goodman as the pair had an awkward exchange during the live program.

The head-turning moment occurred after Charli D’amelio and Mark Ballas had wrapped up performing their Argentine Tango to a thunderous ovation from fans.

Len told Charli: “You just moved across the floor with effortless ease. I was transported to some club in Argentina.

“Your dancing just brings a chill to my spine, well done.”

Tyra then chimed in, “I heard the audience make a sound when Len said he was transported to a club in Argentina,” as she mocked what the judge would look like dancing.

“What you talking about, a club?” Len asked, looking over to fellow judge Derek Hough with a confused look.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Seconds later, the famous model rushed over to Len to explain what just went down.

“When you said club, they laughed!” Tyra told him once again, mocking his dancing as Len finally acknowledged the joke and looked away.

Fans were quick to notice the moment as they reacted on Twitter, insisting Len “doesn’t like” Tyra.

GettyShe has faced a slew of backlash over her wild outfits and major on-air mistakes[/caption]

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