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1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton fuels pregnancy rumors as she shares sweet new video of nephew Gage, 2

1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton fuels pregnancy rumors as she shares sweet new video of nephew Gage, 2

TAMMY Slaton has fueled rumors that she could be pregnant after sharing a sweet video of her nephew Gage.

The 1000-Lb Sisters star, 36, posted a clip of the two-year-old pretending to use a “leaf blower” at home.

InstagramTammy Slaton has fueled rumors that she could be pregnant after sharing a sweet video of her nephew Gage (seen with her sister Amy)[/caption]

TikTokShe posted a clip of Gage, two, and Amy pretending to use a leaf blower[/caption]

Gage waved a device – which Tammy revealed is actually a bubble blower – around the living room and made a revving noise.

His mom, Tammy’s sister Amy, laughed and encouraged the toddler, making a similar noise.

As Tammy playfully mocked the noise they were making, Amy protested: “It’s a blower! A leaf blower!”

Tammy laughed and insisted: “It’s a bubble blower.”

The TLC star shared the sweet video on TikTok on Thursday evening.

Fans wondered if the clip was a sign that Tammy wants her own child, with one commenting: “Are you feeling broody tammy?”

Another gushed: “You’d make the best mom!”

Tammy first sparked pregnancy rumors in the latest episode of 1000-Lb Sisters earlier this week.

Her family came to visit her at the facility in Ohio to meet her fiance Caleb Willingham two weeks before Tammy and Caleb tie the knot.

Tammy’s half-brother Chris, his wife Brittney, Tammy’s sister Amy, her husband Michael, and their two children Gage and Glenn were the first to meet Caleb.


When they walked in, Tammy immediately picked up Glenn from his carrier and held him in her arms.

Without any prompting, Caleb said: “What are you gonna do when we have our own?” Implying that they were going to have children in the future.

Amy’s face at his comment was priceless and full of confusion, although she didn’t say anything at the time.

Everyone at the table, Tammy and Caleb included, then started to look uncomfortable as the awkward silence continued.

Eventually, Tammy introduced everyone to her new fiance.

Toward the end of the episode, Tammy’s half-sisters Amanda and Misty join the rest of the family to celebrate the wedding.

When the entire family, minus Tammy, was in the car together, Amanda asked the group how Tammy and Caleb plan on consummating the marriage.

While Chris seemed repulsed by the idea, he asked a strange question: “Hey, I got a question for y’all that nobody’s really thought about. What about if they’ve been rubbing trachs and she got pregnant?”

Amy’s immediate reaction was: “Ewww.”

Chris continued: “That’s the only reason I can see the sense of urgency so quick.”

Misty said: “That is a good question because Tammy said she wouldn’t mind having a kid not too long ago.”

Amanda chimed in with: “I would never ever wish a woman to not be a mother. Like, that is the biggest blessing in any woman’s life is to be a momma.

“But, I don’t want Tammy to be a momma in a rehab facility.”

Tammy does not currently have a child.


Amy has shared her concerns about Caleb in the past, and she opened up about her worries in this week’s episode.

She was talking to Chris about Tammy’s whirlwind romance during an exercise session.

Chris was the first to bring up Tammy and Caleb’s engagement, questioning the short timeline of their relationship.

He asked: “So let me get this straight, Tammy and Chris got engaged, and in 14 days, she’s planning on getting hitched?”

In a confessional interview, the 42-year-old further shared his concerns about his sister’s upcoming wedding.

“My reaction [was] ‘is this s**t real?’” Chris said before breaking out in laughter. “And yeah, apparently, it’s no bulls**t,” he added, throwing his arms up in the air.

However, the TLC star wasn’t satisfied, telling the cameras: “First of all, she’s got to get our approval before she just ups and runs off and gets married.

“So, I don’t know what the hell she’s thinking. That’s the first thing I’m thinking.”

Amy admitted she “didn’t believe” her sister when she first heard the news until she saw the video of the proposal.

Amy then said that Caleb “found out” that Tammy was staying in the Ohio rehabilitation center, which is what enticed him to go there as well.

A source previously told The U.S. Sun that Tammy “began dating Caleb in rehab” and that he proposed in the facility’s parking lot.

Amy said: “I don’t know if this guy’s a stalker, a serial killer, or just a nice guy trying to prove that she is worth something. Hopefully, it’s the last one.”

TikTokFans wondered if Tammy was feeling ‘broody’[/caption]

Michael MorettiTammy married Caleb Willingham late last year[/caption]

TLCShe sparked pregnancy rumors on the latest episode of 1000-Lb Sisters[/caption]

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