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Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak mocked by daughter Maggie, 28, for telling ‘dad joke’ on TV show

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak mocked by daughter Maggie, 28, for telling ‘dad joke’ on TV show

WHEEL of Fortune host Pat Sajak’s daughter Maggie mocked her famous dad for telling a joke on air.

On Wednesday, the 28-year-old took to her Instagram Stories to poke fun at her dad’s antics.

Instagram/maggiesajakWheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak’s daughter Maggie mocked her father for his ‘dad joke’ on air[/caption]

InstagramMaggie reshared a clip of the moment, laughing at her father’s antics[/caption]

Instagram/maggiesajakPat recently had an awkward exchange with a contestant after he mocked her for her crowded living situation[/caption]

In the post, Maggie shared a reel of her father attempting to relate to a contestant during a previous episode.

Pat asked the Wheel of Fortune competitor some light-hearted questions before taking his turn in the game.

“You do some marathoning, don’t you?” the 76-year-old asked.

“Yeah, I do occasional marathons, half or full [marathons],” the player named John replied.

A timer counting down from three then appeared in the middle of the screen, warning viewers about the “dad joke” to come.

Once the timer ran out, Pat fired back with a silly response.

“I’m doing a 5K for charity next weekend. Normally I don’t do it for any less than 10K, but it’s for charity,” he joked, referencing a monetary amount instead of the mileage.

Amused by her father’s comment, Maggie wrote: “How generous of my dad!” with a crying, laughing face emoji.

Pat often enjoys having fun with the contestants while the cameras are rolling.


However, he recently took his banter a little too far when he openly mocked a player for her crowded living situation.

The awkward exchange happened earlier this month while concluding the Wheel Around the World week.

Contestant Erica, a navy veteran from Long Beach, California, knew all about life around the world, having served on the USS George Washington in Yokosuka, Japan.

Back on dry land, Pat asked her about her pets.

“You have a lot of pets?” Pat asked, bracing for the response.

Erica informed him: “I have four cats, three dogs, and a ferret.”

The host followed up with a question about her home.

“You live, I’m assuming, in a sprawling estate?” Pat asked.

Erica admitted: “No, I live in an RV full-time.”

The reveal seemed to stun the longtime host, who then sarcastically asked: “Where does the ferret stay?”

Erica was happy to answer: “He has his own little kingdom at the end of the RV.”

After hearing about her personal menagerie, Pat excited her by replying optimistically: “Perhaps I’ll come over and visit you one day.”

Erica barely had enough time to answer “absolutely” before Pat dropped his smile, turned to the camera, and made fun of the veteran in front of the audience.

“And perhaps not,” he said with a smirk before moving on to the next contestant.


It’s not the first time this week Pat has mocked a player.

But he previously apologized after parading a fake fish in front of a player, Ashley, who earlier revealed she was afraid of fish in any form.

One day earlier, the Tacoma, Washington-based contender brought up how she “doesn’t like fish.”

“You don’t like to eat them; you don’t like to swim with them?” Pat asked.

Ashley replied, tightly holding her hands together: “Nothing, nothing at all.

“If they’re on a plate or in the water, I don’t want to be near them,” she pleaded.

Pat then dove deeper into her phobia and asked: “Were you frightened by them as a little girl?”

“It’s a long story, Pat. We don’t have time,” she said as the crowd nervously laughed- though she seemed quite seriously afraid of fish.

Ashley wound up with the highest score of the group with $23,000, and Pat brought her to the special one-contestant round with a surprise first.

He pulled out a fake fish from his suit jacket pocket – and Ashley turned her back and looked legitimately afraid.

She looked pale when he wove around the fake fish with another player.

“Ashley, you alright!? Big winner $23,000!” he lauded.

“You’ll forgive me for that, won’t you?” he added as she was visibly unhappy, and they went to pick a category.

ABCPat told the contender that he wouldn’t visit after she revealed she lives in an RV with numerous pets[/caption]

NBCHe previously mocked a player’s fears by parading a fake fish in front of her following her confession of being afraid of them[/caption]

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