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Today’s Al Roker and A-list guest continue long-time on-air tradition as actress asks ‘am I doing this right?’

Today’s Al Roker and A-list guest continue long-time on-air tradition as actress asks ‘am I doing this right?’

TODAY star Al Roker continues a long-time on-air tradition with an A-list actress on a recent morning show episode.

During Thursday’s Today show, Al allowed Oscar-nominated actress Scarlett Johansson to co-host his weather report segment as a part of their TV routine.

NBCToday star Al Roker continued a ‘tradition’ with an A-list celebrity on the morning show[/caption]

NBCActress Scarlett Johansson has been doing weather with Al since 2012[/caption]

The 68-year-old NBC personality gave the floor to Scarlett, 38, prompting her to break down what’s happening with the weather in different regions of North America.

Al explained to fans that the Avengers series star was on Today to do the weather report because it was a part of her and Al’s “tradition,” which began years ago.

“Scarlett Johansson has done weather with me since 2014 [2012]…and now she’s in the studio…,” Al said to his celebrity co-anchor before asking her to “take it away.”

An excited Scarlett attempted to read the map that was on the weatherboard; however, she appeared to struggle to do so, appearing to need Al’s assistance.

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“You know you got this map here; there’s a little bit of blue [and] a little bit of pink,” she said as she tried to express what she saw on the weatherboard.

Scarlett appeared confident until she tapped the touch-screen weather wall.

“Am I doing it right? It’s moving, oh gosh, it’s moving,” she panicked.

Noticing that Scarlett was floundering, Al momentarily took it over to give a more detailed weather explanation as he helped her navigate the weatherboard.

Al helped her work the touch-screen board, showing her how to shift through it as they reported.


“…Ugh, who wants that?” Scarlett complained as Al relayed what states were having snow and cold weather.

Since Scarlett expressed that she was more concerned about “when spring” was “coming,” Al shifted the weatherboard to display the temperature degrees in each state.

Intrigued by the board, Scarlett insisted that she read the degree temperatures in different parts of the country to see where the “spring” weather was.

“Oh my goodness, the 20s!,” she exclaimed when she saw that certain parts of the country were having cold weather.

Scarlett claimed that the areas on the map that suffered from low temperatures had “kind of Netflix and chill weather.”

She then pointed at areas of the weatherboard that reflected mid-warm temperatures, like eastern and northeastern states, and said that they had a “little” more “promising” weather.

Directing her attention to Texas on the map, Al asked Scarlett how she felt about the southern state’s weather since it showed that Texas was having temperatures in the 90s.

“Oh, that’s hot! That is too hot!,” she emphasized.


Some fans took to Twitter to comment on the actress’ hilarious weather forecast.

One fan simply complimented in a tweet: “F**king queeen.”

Another fan expressed on Twitter: “Crying myself to sleep now, how y’all so chill with Scarlett there. I mean, I’d be silent asf and be too scared to even talk to her.”

“Why is this not on the live broadcast? I wanted to see scarly live!,” someone else exclaimed in a tweet.

Scarlett debuted her skills as a weatherwoman on Today back in 2012 when she filled in for Al when he was out with laryngitis.

She volunteered to replace Al for the day at the time because it was her “lifelong dream” to do the weather.

NBCDuring today’s episode Scarlett asked Al if she was ‘doing it right’ when co-hosting[/caption]

GettyScarlett debuted her weatherwoman skills on Today over a decade ago[/caption]

NBCApparently it was Scarlett’s ‘lifelong dream’ to be a weather reporter[/caption]

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