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Teen Mom Rachel Beaver’s mom claims the entire franchise ‘is about to be over’ amid worst-ever ratings

Teen Mom Rachel Beaver’s mom claims the entire franchise ‘is about to be over’ amid worst-ever ratings

TEEN Mom star Rachel Beaver’s mom Stephanie has alleged that the reality TV franchise is coming to an end amid ratings struggles.

MTV has made major changes to Teen Mom, combining Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 into one show called Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

FacebookTeen Mom star Rachel Beaver’s mom has claimed the franchise is coming to an end[/caption]

Instagram/teenmomStephanie told fans that she and her kids had not been called to start filming[/caption]

Rachel’s mother, Stephanie, was asked about the future of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant recently and her answer has left fans stunned.

A fan inquired about the show’s return, to which Stephanie responded: “Yeah we haven’t gotten a call back yet on the renewal of the show I think the whole Teen Mom franchise is about to be over.”

She didn’t explain further but the franchise has been struggling with ratings for some time and recently faced its lowest ratings ever.

Fans had a lot to say about Stephanie’s comments on Instagram, with many split about what MTV should do with the show.

“I think they should close the curtains. If you have to poke and prod to create drama or use someone as your storyline it isn’t entertaining,” one fan commented.

Another wrote: “Noooo they shouldn’t cancel .. certain people need to be OFF the show but they just shouldn’t cancel it I love ittt.”

“I don’t think teen mom is coming to an end however I think it would be nice to hear different stories from other young moms or teen moms,” a third fan suggested.

Someone else wrote: “I don’t think they should cancel but I think they should fire EVERYONE and start over. Like how 16 and Pregnant was. Start that back up and start picking from them again. We need a new cast a WHOLE NEW CAST THE WHOLE THING.”

Another fan wondered: “Didn’t Rachel publicly quit, why would they receive a call if that was the case?”

A second commenter seemed to share that opinion, writing: “I thought Rachel quit.”

It’s unclear at this time whether Rachel intends to continue appearing on Teen Mom should the show return.


The reality star is no stranger to buzz and controversy.

Back in 2022, the star raised some eyebrows when she rocked an outfit that showcased her thong while vacationing with her young daughter.

Critics claimed it was “inappropriate” to wear a crop top, short shorts and a visible thong while traveling with Hazelee.

The backlash began after Rachel shared a selfie in a skimpy black outfit while inside her hotel room.

She paired the look with high leather boots as she played with her wet pink hair, shielding her face from the shot with her phone.

She tagged her location in Saint Augustine Beach, Florida, where she was vacationing with her two-year-old daughter. 

The post circulated onto Reddit where one person pointed out the star’s questionable outfit during the family outing. 

“Rachel’s on vacation with her daughter….who is she going to see wearing that, while with her kid. Talk about yikes,” they wrote.

Another user agreed, writing: “Trashy. And her hair looks dirty”

A second echoed the statement, adding: “This isn’t even cute. It’s embarrassing.”

A third chimed in with similar thoughts on the outfit, commenting: “Lol I use to live in St Augustine… there is nowhere there where this outfit would be appropriate”

Another also found the ensemble unsuitable for a getaway with a toddler, writing: “I would totally wear this to a rave but out on a vacation with my daughter? Probably not my first choice”


Rachel’s parenting skills have also been scrutinized in the past after fans bashed her for allowing her young daughter to call her then-new boyfriend “Daddy”. 

The interaction occurred on a previous episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant when the young mom revealed that she had only been dating her beau Noah for a month. 

She compared Hazelee’s bond with Noah to that of her biological father Drew Brooks, saying: “If Noah and Drew were in a room right now, she would so go to Noah. She does not know Drew.”

Fans voiced their concerns about the admission on social media as one person wrote: “Woa Woa. Not letting the baby call him Daddy. Nope. Way too soon for all that.”

Another added: “These young mothers need to be smarter bringing different boys around their children.”

A third chimed in: “This is how many different guys have been around this baby in her short life? It’s so wrong, you don’t bring a new guy around your child until you know the relationship is serious. Serious doesn’t happen in a month or two.”

Rachel’s ex Drew has been in and out of jail for most of their daughter’s life.

Instagram/rayy_b_Rachel is no stranger to controversy, often taking heat for her parenting[/caption]

InstagramShe previously shared a pic posing with her thong expose that sent fans into a frenzy[/caption]

Rachel has had her ups and downs on Teen Mom

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