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Teen Mom fans concerned by strange detail about Chelsea Houska’s face in new pic after ‘too much plastic surgery’

Teen Mom fans concerned by strange detail about Chelsea Houska’s face in new pic after ‘too much plastic surgery’

FANS have shared concerns over a shocking change to Chelsea Houska’s face in recent photos.

The Teen Mom 2 alum has been under plastic surgery speculation for some time.

TikTokChelsea shared a video on her social media[/caption]

TikTokFans were shocked at how long and skinny her face looked[/caption]

MTVThey compared Chelsea’s current appearance to her early days of fame[/caption]

Now fans have accused Chelsea, 31, of “elongating” her face after spotting an incriminating video on her social media.

The reality star recently shared a Reel in full glam makeup while wearing a white beanie over her dark hair.

The TV personality gave the camera a solemn expression as her face looked longer and skinnier than ever before in the clip.


Fans were appalled, as several took to Reddit to discuss the major changes that have taken place over the last several years.

“Just me or is Chelsea’s face getting longer / elongated as time goes on?” one wrote, opening up the conversation with a screenshot of the original selfie.

“Has she had the buccal fat removal?” a second suggested.

“She looks like she’s had too much plastic surgery to me. & possibly battling an eating disorder. Sad,” a third noted.

“It’s definitely getting longer,” a fourth agreed, while a fifth trolled: “Ewwwwww what kind of plastic surgery causes thatttttt??”

“Are you having anxiety there’s some influencers that use the skinny filter and it also elongates their face. Wonder if that’s what it is,” a final argued.


Some followers believe that Chelsea has undergone several secret surgeries, noticing tell-tale clues in her recent photos.

In an Instagram snapshot earlier this week, the MTV star and her husband, Cole DeBoer, 34, were promoting their press tour for their HGTV tour Down Home Fab.

In an online thread, followers suspected the Teen Mom 2 alum had a nose job, botox, fillers, and an eye hood lift surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, in their Instagram post.

One fan suggested: “Her eyes look so much different! Would an eye hood lift result in losing the shape of your eyes?!”

Another fan assumed: “She probably had what everyone else has had, botox and a lip filler.

“I think you can tell because of the middle part of her hair.”

A third fan claimed: “I see a nose job too. The full face changes with the help of a little bit of botox and fillers.”

A fourth person speculated: “Chelsea definitely did something to the eyes. She put a ton of powder and concealer under the eye area.”

A commentator chimed in: “I think just tons of injections of fillers and Botox. 

“Her chin looks a little different too, but I think shape can be changed with injections too.”

Speculators also claimed the 31-year-old reality star looked different in a recent TikTok video.


Chelsea created a duet vid with herself as she explained how to comb a messy bun.

She explained: “Messy bun tutorial.”

The TV star mentioned “flip your hair down,” and admitted it only works if you “have a bunch of extensions.”

Critics were more distracted by her appearance and claimed she “lost a lot of weight in her face.”

One critic pointed out how “her eye and mouth shape is so different now,” while another argued that the “filter and weird face” made her look “really odd.”

The mom of four has denied getting any actual procedures done, but she has hinted at getting Botox from her father, who is a dentist.


Chelsea and Cole are the parents of three children: Layne, three; Walker, one; and Watson, five.

The 16 & Pregnant alum shares her eldest child Aubree with her ex, Adam Lind.

TikTok/@chelsea_deboerFans have accused Chelsea of getting secret plastic surgery[/caption]

InstagramShe’s changed substantially over the years[/caption]

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