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Kelly Ripa drops F-bomb as she teases her new project away from Live talk show

Kelly Ripa drops F-bomb as she teases her new project away from Live talk show

KELLY Ripa has let an expletive fly during a promo clip for her new podcast.

The Live host took to her personal Instagram account to share a clip from Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa.

Kelly Ripa shared a post to her personal Instagram promoting a new project she’s been working onGetty ImagesShe’ll be hosting a new podcast called Let’s Talk Off Camera set to start near the end of MarchGetty Images

“Get ready for #LetsTalkOffCamera with yours truly!” Kelly captioned her post.

She continued: “I’ll be joined by a celebrity guest as we go deep into a variety of personal and meaningful topics. New episodes drop each week starting March 22 and can be listened to on Stitcher, the SXM App, and all major podcast listening platforms.”

In the clip, which was audio with a mostly static image, Kelly told fans what they could look forward to during the podcast.

That included letting fans know that everything, including profanity, was totally fine.

She proclaimed: “We can say whatever the f**k we want here!”

She continued to let listeners know what the show would feature when it premiered.

She laid it all out: “We’re unfiltered with guests like Kal Penn, uncensored with Holly Robinson Peete, unhinged with Anderson Cooper, and it’s all raw.”

Snippets of conversations with celebrities played in between Kelly’s narration.

The Live host continued: “For the first time, I can bring you into the kind of conversations that just can’t happen on camera.”

“No lights, no camera, all action,” Kelly summed up her show.

The podcast is set to premiere on March 22 wherever you get your podcasts.


Meanwhile, Kelly was caught on camera remarking that she might return ‘without a shirt on’ during rehearsal.

Hosts Kelly and Ryan Seacrest were going over their lines for their Live Post-Oscars special when the 52-year-old made a raunchy joke.

Kelly shared the moment with a brief clip that featured her with Ryan as the two worked out how they would tackle a scene.

There appeared to be a moment where the pair would be lowered into a waiting area beneath the floor below them.

That part led to some unintentional comedy thanks to Kelly’s impulsive sense of humor.

“We rehearsed this AM @ryanseacrest,” Kelly wrote on top of the video she posted to her Instagram Stories.

Early on in the clip, Kelly was taken aback when the floor began to lower her, with Ryan, into an area below.

The pair just started laughing after Kelly exclaimed, surprised at the sudden motion.

“Bye!” she the ncalled out cheerily as the floor lowered.

“Goodbye, guys!” Ryan yelled out as the floor moved downward.

A beat passed as the film crew burst out laughing at the scene before them.

Then Kelly let a NSFW barb fly as she began to descend below the floor.

“When I come back, I’m not going to have a shirt on,” she joked.

The scene, which found Kelly with her coffee in one hand and Ryan next to her laughing, was a comical one to say the least.


Meanwhile, Kelly suffered an embarrassing blunder while hosting Live’s After Oscars show on Monday.

The 52-year-old has narrowly avoided a full-on beauty failure thanks to a little help from her co-host, Ryan Seacrest.

On Monday morning, Kelly and Ryan hosted Live from the Dolby Theatre stage in Los Angeles, just hours after the Oscars finished airing from the same location.

The duo had their first live audience since the pandemic, with a slew of fans filling up the venue’s plush seats.

Unfortunately, this meant that not only did fans at home witness Kelly’s blunder but so did all the ones in the crowd, sitting just a few feet away from her.

About 10 minutes into the show’s broadcast, the soap opera alum started touching the back of her hair, which was styled in a low bun updo.

She and Ryan were discussing what it was like to be backstage at the Oscars the night before, but she couldn’t give the chat her full focus.

Kelly appeared to be trying to keep her hair in place, and she confirmed as much when she admitted what was happening.

“Hang on, one of my wigs are coming undone,” she said, still smiling, as she continued to try to fix the issue.

Ryan yelled to someone off stage for the “wig kit,” but Kelly insisted it was “fine.”

Then someone from off stage, on the other side, suggested that the American Idol star help her fix it, and he obliged.

Ryan stepped behind Kelly and tried to do his best to get her hair situation in order.

To the applause of the crowd, Kelly shared: “It’s fine, he got it!”

Her co-host then joked that he’s a “renaissance man.”


Last month, Kelly admitted to suffering another awkward beauty blunder on the talk show, this time while they were airing from the program’s New York studio.

Shortly after coming out and sitting down next to Ryan at their on-set desk, the 52-year-old confessed she had just spray-tanned her “entire body” about “18 seconds ago.”

She continued: “I used a spray because I was that desperate.”

Unfortunately, Kelly missed her “arms entirely” and came out looking somewhat pale.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan star added: “I quickly saw that my dress has a little thigh exposure.

“Yeah, that’s too much. Gotta spray it down.”

Ryan asked if her spray tan will “stain the pillowcase.”

Kelly replied: “Probably! We’ll see what the chair looks like when I stand up!”

Ryan made an awkward face while the audience laughed. 

Kelly teased that she and her guests could say “whatever the f**k” they wantABCShe mentioned several guests who would be a part of the show outside of her TV workGetty ImagesKelly advised she would have guests saying things they couldn’t say on TVGetty Images

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