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Joy Behar snaps ‘can I finish?’ to View co-host in uncomfortable moment on talk show

Joy Behar snaps ‘can I finish?’ to View co-host in uncomfortable moment on talk show

THE VIEW’S Joy Behar has snapped at her co-host for interrupting her during an awkward on-air moment.

Joy, 80, shut down her fellow panelist, Sara Haines, 45, on Thursday’s show for attempting to interject while she was speaking.

ABCThe View’s Joy Behar snapped at her co-host Sara Haines for interrupting her live on air[/caption]

ABCThe moment happened during Thursday’s show when Sara attempted to chime into the conversation, not knowing that Joy was not finished speaking[/caption]

The uncomfortable exchange happened when the ladies were discussing a recent lifestyle article about the “benefits of friendship detoxes.”

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg, 67, introduced the topic before the others weighed in with their thoughts.

Her The View co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin was the first to jump in, saying she’s had experience ending friendships for various reasons.

The 33-year-old noted that some friends didn’t make the cut for the long haul due to them growing apart or not “adding enough value” to her life.

Joy excitingly chimed in, saying she could relate to those types of detoxes.

She joked that those who “don’t spark joy,” she “Marie Kondo’s them” out of her life, referencing the famed organizing consultant.

The comedian then paused while the audience laughed at her remark, leading her co-host, Sara, to assume she had finished her thought.

However, when the TV star went to chime in, Joy immediately shut her down.

“Can I finish?” the host asked, laughing at her colleague.

“There was more? I thought it was a joke!” Sara confusingly replied.

“It was a joke, but it had truth to it,” Joy explained before admitting she “had nothing else to say” and allowing Sara to continue.


Joy had a similar reaction earlier in the week when her other co-host Sunny Hostin, 54, interrupted her during a heated rant.

It all started when the co-hosts reacted to an “attempted joke” former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, 63, made while speaking at a political roast.

While attending the event, Pence joked about Pete Buttigieg referencing maternity leave and post-partum depression and has since been asked to apologize to the current United States Security of Transportation.

Whoopi sounded off first about, what she described as a “not funny” joke, whereafter Sara discussed the importance of paternity leave.

Once it was her turn to speak, Joy announced, “I’d like to talk to the joke.”

She continued: “Besides the fact that it was not funny, it’s coming from someone who has a history of homophobia, and that’s what the problem is.”

“Here’s a guy who’s always been against gay marriage. He was against repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and even more egregious, as Governor of Indiana, he exacerbated an HIV epidemic in South Indiana by waiting to legalize needle exchanges and closing down planned parenthood, which was the only HIV testing site in the area.”

The worked-up morning show moderator then added: “So he should be ashamed of himself.”

Sunny then took Joy’s pause to mean she was finished speaking and began presenting her stance as she stated: “That’s the problem that I have with Vice Pres–“

The comedian immediately stopped her and snapped: “I’m not finished yet!”

Joy continued making her point as Sunny silenced herself, and the rest of the panel awkwardly laughed off the moment.

ABCThe panel was discussing a recent lifestyle article about the ‘benefits of friendship detoxes’[/caption]

ABCModerator first introduced the subject before the rest of the panel weighed in with their thoughts[/caption]

ABCA similar situation happened earlier in the week when Joy snapped at her other co-host Sunny Hostin for cutting her off[/caption]

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