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Jeopardy! fans grossed out over Ken Jennings’ ‘nauseating’ on-stage suggestion

Jeopardy! fans grossed out over Ken Jennings’ ‘nauseating’ on-stage suggestion

KEN Jennings has left Jeopardy! fans feeling sour by making a wild on-stage suggestion.

After a clue touted pickle juice for hangovers, the TV host Daily Doubled-down and instructed viewers to go try it for themselves.

JeopardyThis Jeopardy! clue was looking for ‘pickle juice’ right before a commercial break[/caption]

JeopardyGwen got it correct and looked dubious over the remedy[/caption]

JeopardyKen Jennings then turned to the camera: ‘Head to the fridge for a nice cold glass of pickle juice and come right back![/caption]

Reigning champ Stephen Webb faced Govind Dandekar and Gwen Lockman on Wednesday’s episode.

Stephen, a data scientist from Longmont, Colorado, won the game with $20K amassing a 7-day total of $175.2K.

Early on in the episode, Gwen buzzed in on the clue that Ken had an opinion on and didn’t hesitate to spill it.

The clue under “Hair of The Dog” for $400 read: “Nolan Ryan treated blisters with brine, also called this juice and for internal use, the electrolytes might help your symptoms.”

Gwen guessed: “Pickle juice?” and was deemed correct while making a slightly skeptical face.

Ken assured: “Yes pickle juice for a hangover, that takes you to $1300 and that takes us to our first break.”

Ken then turned directly to the camera and said: “Head to the fridge for a nice cold glass of pickle juice and come right back!”


One fan enjoyed the concept of the clue: “Jeopardy! just taught me that pickle juice is good for a hangover. Thought I’d pass that along. It’s also good for marathon runners.”

Another Twitter user posted, however: “Ken Jennings induces vomiting heading into the first break.”

To which a third replied: “It’s also good for upset tummy.”

A fourth wrote: “pickle juice…yum,” with a barf emoji.

A curious Reddit user then posted that they didn’t mind the clue as much as what happened when they followed Ken’s instructions.

The user hilariously shared a photo of a glass of green pickle juice and titled an internet thread: “I drank pickle juice during the first commercial break, as Ken suggested. Yuck.”

Over a giant green glass of liquid, they wrote: “It tasted horrible.”

Someone in the thread replied: “Hard disagree, pickle juice is delicious!” And a third wrote: “It literally just tastes like pickles and I love pickles.”

A fourth joked: “Yes, but were you hungover afterward? No!? Then it worked!”


It’s not the first time Ken has poured on extra commentary after a food clue that riled up viewers.

A recent clue read: “A BBC article headlined ‘Pineapple on’ this said, ‘it’s the food of choice that seems to divide the world.”

A contestant correctly responded: “What is: Pizza.”

Ken then turned to the camera with a shrug: “Yes, pineapple on pizza. And I can resolve the controversy, it’s delicious.”

One player visibly recoiled in disgust from the middle podium, sticking out his tongue in regurgitation.

“All credibility Ken Jennings had is just disappeared,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“One piece of advice – DO NOT, under any circumstances, go into Little Italy (Arthur Avenue) in my home borough of The Bronx, and ask for a pineapple pizza. Just DO NOT,” panned another.

“No it’s not,” roasted a third. “Pineapple and ham do not in any way belong on pizza. Not even in Hawaii.”

A fourth wrote: “Ugh, just lost a lot of respect for you Ken! and sixth shared a close-up of the contestant’s visceral reaction: “David seemed unconvinced…”

RedditOne fan took Ken up on his offer and had a negative review – another tweeted his suggestion ‘induced vomiting’[/caption]

ABCWhen Seattle-based Ken deemed pineapple on pizza ‘delicious’ fans felt the same way David looked[/caption]

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