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Wheel of Fortune fans all spot same detail about new contestant before her hilariously ‘depressing’ prize puzzle guess

Wheel of Fortune fans all spot same detail about new contestant before her hilariously ‘depressing’ prize puzzle guess

A WHEEL of Fortune contestant on Tuesday’s episode has won fans over with her positive attitude and extremely pleasing British accent.

Jennifer went to the bonus round and though she was incorrect, doubled over laughing after her gasp-inducing wrong guess.

ABCWheel of Fortune fans tweeted: ‘I love Jennifer’s accent!’[/caption]

ABCShe cracked herself up with a morose incorrect bonus puzzle guess[/caption]

Pat, 76, chatted with Jennifer, who revealed she is living in Texas but was born in England.

There was no mistaking as much since her terrifically British accent was hard to miss.

“When did you make the move?” Pat asked her at the top of the Wheel of Fortune episode.

“Probably when I was 14,” she replied – which got an instant laugh for the “probably” aspect – donning wonderful purple hair to boot.

“But you still have that lovely accent” Pat praised.

“I dont think I’m getting rid of it now!” she joked.

Jennifer then revealed she used to be in a traveling choir and fans were all singing her praises since they just loved her voice.

She solved one puzzle as “Perfect, prim, and proper” which was fitting and easy on the ears.


“Jennifer is so cute, and of course her accent is pleasant,” one fan gushed on Twitter.

“There should be more British people on TV I love Jennifer’s accent!” applauded another.

“Some English domination on #WheelOfFortune today.” wrote a third.


Jennifer went to the bonus round with the highest score – though she couldn’t solve for “Nothing fazes you” (which frustratingly included a “Z”) she did offer one guess.

“Nothing loves you!?” she attempted, and the audience gasped and laughed.

“That was a depressing solve,” Pat joked and admitted, “that was a tough one.”

Jennifer bowled over laughing at her somber incorrect solution and was nothing but smiles as she still won $28K.


It’s not the first time a detail about a contestant has grabbed Pat’s attention recently.

Last Tuesday, the longtime host put Greg in a hairy situation when he touched the contestant’s beard.

Pat prompted the grandfather: “Santa Claus needs help in the Holidays and I understand you fill that role?”

“That’s right Pat,” Greg said. “I’ve been helping Santa for 25 years.”

Pat then asked: “If I come over there can I tug on it?” – the audience stirred in audible confusion.

Pat then walked all the way across the wheel and tugged on Greg’s beard.

“I’ve never done that!” the host said. “And I will never do it again. Let’s move on shall we?”

At the end of the interview round, Pat looked nearly choked up and seemed to feel bad for perhaps crossing a line there.

He cleared the air with a nervous laugh and said: “Thank you all for being here, and I apologize again Santa.”

One fan posted to Twitter: “pulling on that dude’s beard was super cringy.”

Other fans did enjoy the moment as one Instagram user wrote: “Pat is just funny!! I just love this show!! It makes me feel good every night!!”

ABCJennifer incorrectly guessed ‘Nothing Loves You’ for the bonus puzzle which Pat Sajak called ‘depressing’ as she laughed[/caption]

ABCLast week, Pat Sajak enjoyed a contestant’s beard so much that he ‘tugged on it’[/caption]

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